Sizing your windows

Flat Cats come in eight different Standard Sizes, Small Customs, Customs and Door Screens. It is important to know which Flat Cat ® is best for your window to ensure a good fit.

To help you with this we have produced an easy to use sizing chart which you can print and complete. This will tell you, straight away, if the window in question needs a standard, custom or any other Flat Cat screen.

Click here to download the Flat cats sizing chart

Click here to download the help sheet / sizing chart (will open in a new window) 

Once you have decided which Flat Cat screen you require you can use the links below to visit the individual pages required. 

Standard Flat Cats Range

Standard Size - 60cm x 93cm
Standard Size - 60cm x 100cm
Standard Size - 60cm x 105cm
Standard Size - 60cm x 110cm
Standard Size - 60cm x 115cm
Standard Size - 60cm x 120cm
Standard Size - 60cm x 125cm
Standard Size - 60cm x 130cm

Custom Flat Cats Range

Custom Flat Cats - For all other custom window sizes
Custom Flat Cats Small - (Where width plus height = less than 130cm)
Custom Door Screens - Large Flat Cats for doors