Custom Flat Cats

Three different Custom Flat Cats to choose from


Custom Flat Cats :
Pretty much any window size you require - from £50.99 inc. P&P and VAT

Custom Flat Cats (Small) :
For smaller windows up to 130cm (Width + Height) - from £28.00 inc. P&P and VAT

Flat Cats Door Screens :
Flat cats door screens - from £57.99 inc. P&P and VAT

You can find out which Custom Flat Cat is right for your windows by downloading the sizing chart by clicking on the image below or following the link here. If you require any help, then please do not hesitate to call us on 01526 341186 or email us on We are always happy to help you in any way that we can.   

Click here to download the Flat cats sizing chart

Once you have decided which Flat cat screen you require just use the links below to go to the correct Flat Cats page where you can purchase online.

Custom Flat Cats

Custom Flat Cats (Small Windows - Width + Height = less than 130cm)

Custom Flat Cats (Door Screens)

If you have any questions regarding your purchase / order please do not hesitate to contact Dominic on 01526 341186.