Questions & Answers

The following represent just a few of the most common questions we are asked. If your answer is not listed just give me (Dominic) a call and he can answer any questions that you have.  

Q. What option do you offer regarding the colour of the mesh / Fixings?

A. We can do all Flat Cats in either Grey or White mesh and each of these can have either white or black window fixings.

Q. Can I order if I am in the USA or Canada?

A. Yes of course, you may wish to use our US website at where payment can be made in $US or you can also purchase on this website including tracked shipping to the USA / Canada

Q. Are Flat cats suitable for Sash Windows?

A. Yes lots of Flat Cats are used on sash windows. You can either:

  1. Cover the whole window or
  2. Just cover the part that opens (ie the bottom) using the bottom frame of the window you slide up as the top edge to attach the Flat cat to... hope that makes sense. Why not email a picture and I can mark it up with the measurements that you will need to take?

Q. What about the handles on my windows? Will Flat Cats accommodate these? (This is the No1 question I am asked)

A. Yes they will, in normal circumstances with the window open the handle will, of course, be outside but, even with the window closed, because the mesh is flexible you should find it easy to secure the Flat Cat even accounting for the window handles

Q. Are the window fixings removable?

A. The fixings are removable...
If you have UPVC windows then once you remove the fixings you may find that a sticky residue is left behind, this is best removed with some white spirit on a rag and the frames will be good as new.
If you have painted frames then again they may be fine but if the paint is weak then it is possible that some paint may be lifted when the fixings are removed. We are aware of a product sold by a company called Autobrite called "Just the Tonic". This is an excellent tar and glue remover and works very well indeed.

Q. My windows open inwards rather than outwards, can you help?

A. Flat Cats can sometimes be used on inward opening windows but obviously, because they open inwards the Flat Cat has to be put up after the window is opened and taken off before the window is closed. Essentially it will depend how much frame, if any is available on the inside when the windows are open, this can sometimes be hampered by hinges or bars so it is always worth checking for these.
I would suggest, if you can, sending me a photo of the window and especially the side frames with the window open (ie taken showing the inner frame in the reveal) and this way I should be able to advise you correctly. Or, alternatively just give me a call on 01526 833660 and we can chat it through.

Q. Can I have a Flat Cat on a door?

A. Yes we do make Flat Cats for doors, they work in exactly the same way so are in effect just very big Flat Cats.
The criteria are:
1) Max WIDTH is 168cm (due to the roll size we use)
2) The door must open outwards
3) There must be a lip at the bottom of the door of at least 3cm which the fixings can attach to

If all these conditions are met you can order as a custom made Flat Cat Door Screen from this page...

Q. What is your return / refund policy?

A. We want you to be 100% delighted with your Flat cat purchase. If for any reason you are not you can return your Flat cats within 30 days for a full 100% refund. This offer applies to Standard AND Custom made Flat Cats so you really can purchase with confidence.

Q. What are your current delivery times?

A. We update our maximum delivery times based on demand which fluctuates greatly during the year. You can find our current maximum delivery times here.

Q. Can I order if I am in Australia or New Zealand?

A. Of course, why not use our website for Your area at

Q. What are Flat Cats made of?

A. PVC coated fibreglass mesh so very strong yet light and easy to fold up or roll up and put away when you don't need to use them. There are no rigid frames to put together or store, all Flat Cats come ready made and can be fitted by anyone in less than 5 minutes.

Q. I have Velux windows, do you have a solution?

It’s not easy I am afraid. Most Velux style windows don’t have a frame themselves so the only way to solve this issue is to mount the Flat Cat screen on the wall around the opening.You can’t attach directly to the wall surface if it is painted with emulsion paint as the fixings will just pull the paint off (The fixings are strong but the paint is weak).The only way to do what you want is for you to purchase flat plastic strip and then create a frame around the opening by attaching tis to the wall area around the opening. This would normally involve screwing the strip to the wall so would involve making some holes. Then, the fixings could be attached to this strip and the Flat Cat could attach directly to the fixings… Hopefully this makes sense?You may be able to purchase this sort of flat plastic strip from your local DIY store but we are aware, as advised by a customer that you can purchase the plastic strip required from Soden Plastics Limited Tel 0116 244 8446 website (Leicester). When completed this solution works very well.If you have any questions regarding this matter or would like to chat anything through then please do not hesitate to call Dominic of 01526 341186

I have a question which is not answered here.
No problem - We are always delighted to hear from anyone regarding Flat Cats and you can contact us by either completing our online enquiry / question form or simply by giving us a call on (01526) 341186 - We really look forward to hearing from you.