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Flat Cats Extra Fixings Pack (Old Style)

Extra fixings for your Old style standard or custom Flat Cats (spare fixings)

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£ 7.19

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Colour of Fixings

The mesh is grey but the fixings are available in White or Black to suit the colour of your window frames. Please select the colour you would like

All Flat Cats come with fixings plus two spare, however having extra self adhesive window fixings will mean that you can use a single Flat Cat on different windows of the same size so removing the need to buy multiple Flat Cats.

A pack of 30 pre-cut 11cm long 50mm wide strips (suitable for Standard and custom Flat cats with normal fixings). A Standard Flat Cat has 10 fixings so this pack should be sufficient to cover three further windows (some larger custom made Flat Cats may have more fixings).

Please note that these fixings are suitable ONLY for Flat Cats sold up to September 2014 and not for Flat Cats sold after this date.

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Custom Flat Cats with Narrow Fixings

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Standard Flat Cats

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