Customer Comments: Updated 5th April 2016

Cat window screens in London

Thanks again Dominic, 2 of 3 are up and they look great :) 
TH. London


Dear Dominic, Thank you so much for such excellent customer service and quick dispatch of the Flat Cats. I cleaned down the windows and fitted them in less than 5 minutes each. They fit well and I am getting a good night's sleep at last as the bedroom is so much cooler. Our little escape artist has investigated thoroughly and has now given up but is still enjoying the breeze from the window. I attach some photos and I am happy for these and this small testimonial to be used in your advertising. Thanks again
LH. South Norwood, London SE25

Flat Cats South Norwood

Hi Dominic, I am delighted with my order and you were correct when you said they could be fitted in minutes. Bluebell is also happy that he can look out of an open window.
SB Bracknell, Berkshire

Flat Cats Bracknell Flat Cats Bracknell

Fantastic customer service and a fantastic product. Easy to fit and durable. My two cats totally ignore it now, and I'm loving the fresh air without worry. Would recommend this to all.

As you can see from the picture, I live fairly high up and by a main road
AS. Taunton, Devon

Flat Cats Rainhill, Taunton

Thank you for sending the Flat Cats so quickly. It went straight up a treat -wonderful. Thank you. The cats even enjoyed playing with the curly backing from the adhesive strips!
Will shortly be in touch for the patio doors. P.S.Why dont you advertise yourself more Dominic? I only heard about you from the Vets notice board. Do you have any kind of flyers/posters I am a member of a Cat Rescue. We could distribute during our fundraising events.
Perhaps you should go on Dragons Den?
SH. Swanley, Kent

Hi - just to say they have arrived — only got one up so far (not had time to do the others!!) but chuffed with the one in my bedroom — the window was able to be open all last night and I woke up in the early hours to see Mia sitting safely looking out :-)
CT. Bootle, Merseyside

Hi, I have only just fixed  a couple of my flatcats today and want to tell you how impressed I am on how easy it was! I was dreading doing them in case my measurements were out but the first two fit perfect ! They look a lot  better than envisaged too as was worried black and grey on my brown frames would look messy but they don't, in fact they are hardly noticeable! well just wanted to say thanks for your help and for the speed of everything from your replies to delivery. Fingers crossed my other two are a perfect fit too :). I'm assuming you sell the sticky tape separately ? I may get some in stock as the one in the bathroom may need replacing more often. I will be recommending these to my fellow cat lovers and fly haters :)
CP. Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Door covers for Cats by Flat Cats

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the screen  I needed for my balcony door! It will come in extremely necessary in summer when I want to have my door open but cannot let the cat out. You were very helpful and I received the screen within days. Thanks again

HG, Hove - East Sussex


A truly exceptional product. It has changed our lives. Fresh air for us, and Minnie and Marvin love to have the breeze through their fur.
I ordered one to start with, and have just ordered two more. The flat-cat is a REALLY well made product. The mesh is tough and you cannot see it from the outside, and after a while cannot notice it at all. The fixings work perfectly and are quick to place. The customer service and care are excellent, the delivery is speedy, and my cats are safe. They have never tried to scratch at it or get out, they just really enjoy smelling what the neighbours are cooking for supper and being extra nosy.

Thank you Dominic at Flat-cats.
LB. Brentford, Middlesex

My husband bought flat cats from you a few months ago - they have made such a difference to us! We can now sleep with the windows open without our cat Pilau climbing in through the blinds! Thank you for an excellent product and great service.
CR. Bradford, West Yorkshire

Dear Dominic, Just thought I'd take the time to thank you for your invention of Flat Cats. We have 2 black cats and live near a busy road, so they're not allowed out at night. One of them prefers windows to cat flaps, so without these, we would be unable to open our windows once they are shut in for the night. The boys also like them, as they can sit next to the window and sniff the outside world! We have some from a few years ago, and these are much stronger, but again easy to install, and the measurements on the website easy to follow (the first lot we got we had to have one specially made for the study window which is larger than the usual, and you were particularly helpful then). So once again, thank you.
NK. Newcastle Upon Tyne

One of our custimers checking out our cat screens in Ilfracombe Devon

Hi Dominic, Thank you so much for getting these flat cats to us so promptly. Finally we can have the windows open without worrying that the cat is going to fall out the window lol (See picture attached of what we have to deal with). These flat cats are a godsend and dealing with you has been a pleasure. Thank you so much, I will recommend you highly to anyone that has cats.
RW. Ilfracombe, Devon



Hi Dominic, well it’s been a few weeks since I fitted the three screens and I have to say, they’ve made such a difference to all our lives!  A great invention and I’ve shared your website with all who will listen! Thank you again.
WK. London W1F

Flat Cats Pet Screens keeping the lads happy in London E17

Hi Dominic
Thanks for the new nets and all your help! Cats love them!
RN. London E17

Hi Dominic, Just to let you know they arrived safe and sound and they are perfect!! Exactly what we needed. I will be in touch next month as we need another one for a different sized window. Thank you again it’s a brilliant product!!
FM. Bedminster, Bristol

Hi Dominic, Just wanted to say thanks so much for the speedy service. Did not expect the custom flat cat to arrive so quickly! It fits perfectly (bathroom window) and means I can now leave the window open to let the steam out without wondering if Abbey is going to make a run for it! Awesome product and I've been recommending you to all my friends with house cats!
Will be in touch if we decide to order a 3rd or even 4th flat cat! Kinds regards
BW and Abbey the cat x (Otley, West Yorkshire)

Flat Cats doing well in London TW11

Dear Dominic,

The delight of having the windows open...
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and product. Delivery was extremely fast. We are all ready for the heatwave!
Very best wishes,
RA. London TW11


Dear Dominic
The Flat cat screens duly arrived and have been installed.  
We are absolutely delighted with them in every way and will be ordering more in a couple of weeks when we return from holiday (when we can agree on measurements etc.!!).
Kind regards.
TM. Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Hi Dom, I recently purchased the double pack from you as we were moving house and obviously had to keep our little furry friend in for a while. Must say we are highly delighted with your product and they have been keeping our little Fizzy safe for around two weeks now. She has tried to bite them and scratches to try and remove them, but hey ho she can’t.!!!! She has now got used to them being there and sits there quite happily watching the world go by from her high, I am important position in the bedroom windows. Thank you for such a fantastic product. Will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to keep little pussies safe. Keep up the good work and I wish you every success with your brilliant invention. Kind regards PG. Mansfield Nottinghamshire (and Fizzy) xx

Claudia enjoying the view through Flat Cats window screens

Hi Dominic,

I have received the flat cats and in the process of fitting them. Thought you might like to see Claudia our cat enjoying the fresh air and watching the reason why I had to fit them (five very boisterous yard dogs!!).  Everything fitting perfectly.

WH. Quadring, Lincolnshire

Hi Dominic, The Flat Cats arrived, thank you very much. A great invention! Regards
SB. Prestwood, Buckinghamshire

Thank you Dominic I recieved the Flat Cat yesterday. I installled it and it fit perfectly. Very happy with my purchase - it was exactly what I needed :-)
SL. Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Amy having a little sleep, protected by Flat Cats Pet Screens

Another Triumph from Flat Cats

Dear Dominic
Thank you once again for the fantastic flat cats window protection. As always my order arrived very promptly and was up in minutes as its such an easy to assemble product.On behalf of Amy and I, cant thank you enough for such a perfect service.

Here is the little lady herself enjoying a snooze in the sun porch and in the flat cat box too.
This just goes to show she loves all things flat cats, thank you.

AG. Lenzie, Glasgow

Dear Dominic,  They arrived yesterday and I have just finished fitting them.  A great product and just what I have been looking for!  I live in a three storey town house so can now look forward to allowing the fresh air in whilst keeping my three cats safe.  The added bonus is that they will keep out the wasps, of which I am petrified!! I will be recommending this product to my friends and neighbours.
AM. Middlewich, Cheshire

Cats in Caerphilly now safe with Flat Cats on the windows

Thanks so much for the custom Flat Cats screen. It's a perfect fit and I can, at last, have my French doors open onto the balcony without fear of my cats escaping. Fidget, the ginger one, launched at the screen after this picture was taken, and climbed all the way to the top. 

Realising he couldn't get the screen to come off the frame, he dropped tome floor and gave up trying. He is sitting at the front window instead now, which has the Flat Cats I bought a few years ago. 

I will always recommend your amazing product and service to friends and family. Thanks so much again.
RL. Markham, Caerphilly


Marley & Sadie in Liverpool enjoying their view with Flat Cats

Wow, That's what I call service!
Our flat cat arrived today and was up within 10 minutes. Marley and Sadie are happily enjoying the breeze and watching my son play football in the garden. Thanks 
PD. Liverpool, Merseyside

Hi Dominic, All Screens present ,correct and fitted, Thank you once again for a wonderful service and correspondence, we are now considering having a couple of doors done ,but will be in touch about that later. Thanks once again.
DS. Eltham, London

Hi Dominic, As I have house cats, I ordered two of your screens. I received my two cat flats this morning. Within minutes I have them up and working to let in the warm air and birdsong, but not the bees!! - They are fantastic!! - I shall order more, although I have a small window in one room so will need to measure it before I contact you again. Thank you, thank you! Oh that I knew about this years ago!!
BB. Crawley West Sussex

Flat Cats at work in Bathgate, West Walderslade, Kent

I just wanted to say Thank you for my Flat Cats! My kitty can now enjoy the fresh air and I'm not worried about her jumping out of the window! I will be ordering more! Thank you!
KN. Walderslade, Kent

Thank you for the flat cats, it's just great. It fits perfectly on both windows.
DD. Bromley, Kent

My cats are enjoying having the windows and back door open now the sun is shining and I am happy in the knowledge that they are safe. Your product is great it does exactly what you say.
RB. New Malden, Surrey

Flat Cats at work in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

Thank you so much dotty loves them hehe

AS Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

Thank you for your excellent service, Flat Cats received and ready to fit. This will put my wife’s mind to rest as at the end of summer last year we had a cat come into our bedroom via the garage roof and she has refused to have the bedroom windows open at night ever since, but with Flat cats problem should be solved.
DG. Loughborough (March 2015)

I just wanted to let you know the Flat Cats arrived and have been installed.  They fit perfectly and I’m very very pleased, thank you. I would like to thank you again for being so helpful and kind with making these for me and my girls, Lola and Molly.  An absolutely fantastic service from beginning to end that I won’t hesitate to recommend to all my friends.
CH. Waterlooville, Hampshire

Thank you, we got it and it fits perfectly. the kittens love it too.
LP. London

Good Afternoon, My flat cats arrived earlier....all installed now and window is open, two of my cats are examining it as I type this, so I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thankyou and that I am very pleased with it, quality is far better than what I imagined and now we are all looking forward to a cool summer
KH. Burnley, Lancashire

Hi There, Just wanted to let you know that I have received and fitted my Flat Cats and to thank you once again for your excellent service and product.
GF. Newcastle upon Tyne

Flat Cats Window Protection at work in Deal Kent

Thank you they love it! Kind Regards,
GH, Deal Kent (& Lola, Benji, and Cleo)

Hello, I'm just writing to say THANK YOU! The item is arrived on Monday, and on Monday night we had the house check. The volunteer was very impressed (she asked where it was coming from so she can suggest it to other people) and agree  to let us adopt the kitten which will arrive today. Thank you for the fast service and the great item.    Ilaria, Stefano and Gismo the cat. 
IB. Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Flat Cats at work in Potterne Wiltshire

Fifi, with one of her custom made flat cats . Almost invisible, glad no other cats can get in either. I can still enjoy having door open in the summer too.

Great customer service and easy to put up and use when needing to open door and windows. Speedy delivery as I ordered before the summer rush. Very impressed with this product as I was at a loose end how to keep an indoor cat and still be able to open my windows .

AR. Potterne, Wiltshire

Millie testing out Flat Cats in LeedsMillie finds that Flat Cats window screens keep her safe in Leeds

Dear Dominic, Thank you to you and all at Flat Cats for the very courteous, helpful and speedy service I received.

My cat screens are all now fitted and as you will see from the attached pictures Millie had a go to see if she could get out bit then decided to give it up as a bad job and now sits quite happily watching the world go by.

Once again, thank you very much, I now have peace of mind that come the warmer months the windows can be left open and  Millie is perfectly safe. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.
TW. Leeds (And Millie)

Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Kilburn, London

My cats are very much enjoying the flat cats screen.
TL. Amsterdam

Hi Dominic,Sorry for late ‘thank you’!  The Flat Cat arrived safely last week, was fitted straight away & is absolutely perfect! So pleased, as we can now open the top window in the kittens room from time to time, safe in the knowledge that they can’t escape!  It has made our life so much easier, and we are very impressed with the quality of the product, and obviously your prompt & efficient service. Will highly recommend you at every opportunity :-) Many thanks again & kindest regards,
TW. Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Life got in the way for a while, as it sometimes does, but I finally got to set up my Flat Cat Screens. SO impressed - easy to put up, nearly invisible in use and the cats got used to them very quickly. Absolutely brilliant

Life got in the way for a while, as it sometimes does, but I finally got to set up my Flat Cat Screens. SO impressed - easy to put up, nearly invisible in use and the cats got used to them very quickly. Absolutely brilliant
SH. Derby, Derbyshire

The Flatcats door screen arrived this morning. 10 minutes later it was up and fitted!! My 3 Burmese cats (an energetic breed) were sitting enjoying the fresh air and working out how they could escape.  They prodded and pushed smelt and felt but then realised the screen was staying in place and so gave up and went about there cat  business.  So far a good result. Thank you for your help- easy to fit and a good product.  When my new windows are fitted I will place a further order. Will also tell friends about Flatcats.
RB. New Malden Surrey

Hi Dominic,
sorry not to have added my thanks to all those positive messages before now. The screens have been brilliant over the summer and completely live up to the claims for the product. I was prompted to add my thanks for the product and the service when a visitor ased me about the screens and where to get them. I was able to wholeheartedly recommend your product and gave your contact details. So thankyou for an excellent service and best wishes.
JB. London NW1

Hi Dominic, I did thank you when we got our Flat Cats, but feel I must get in touch again. Having the FCs in the hot summer we have had has made so much difference to us. The 2 kitchen ones ( room at front nearest drive to road) meant open windows,a cool room and no chance of our 2 cats getting out and the bedroom one (we are in a bungalow) stopped any muddy paws on bedding and no "presents" brought in. There is a cat flap at rear of bungalow for cats to go out.  So thanks again for excellent product..
RS. Wray, Lancaster

Sloth from Brighton enjoying the protection of Flat Cats

Thanks Dominic - my kitten sloth really enjoys watching the seagulls out of our window now. 
GL. Brighton, East Sussex


I do not know how to thank you! It has been the best service I have received in years! Thank you once again for being so nice!....I just forgot to mentioned that flat cats is a brilliant product! Very easy to fit ( I had more trouble to get right measurements :) It does its job perfectly. Thank you once again! 
AK. London NW3

Speedy from Catford looking puzzled because he cant get out of the window

Just to let you know they arrived this morning and they're brilliant - they fit perfectly! I was a bit worried that the boys might be able to claw them up at the corners but... they ain't going anywhere, are they :) Many thanks for such a quick and courteous service. I only wish I'd done this at the start of the summer and not the end... ;-)
LD. Catford, London

"It's the outside... but there's a thing... I don't get it... Mum?!?!?!?!" #catlogic


Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Kilburn, London

Hi Dominic, We received you nets and fixed them today. Absolutely brilliant!!! My cats seem to be very happy with them. "Innovative product", they say. I will let their breeder know about your product as well. Thank you very much.
NF. Kilburn, London


They are great. I can let the air in and they love to lay by the windows, feeling the outdoor smells. And I have peace of mind.
Brilliant! Thank you a LOT!
IC. Tadworth, Surrey

Many thanks for my most recent order from Flat Cats! It fits perfectly and now gives me more options with allowing my little cat onto the balcony. 
RA. Hammershith Grove, London

Just to let you know we are really please with the Flat Cats!
I have passed your details on to some of our staff members, who are interested in ordering.
Practice Manager. Vets in Beccles, Suffolk

Thanks Dominic, so far my cats haven't taken any notice of the screens, and they fit the windows perfectly, all we need now is some more nice weather, best wishes
FL. Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

Many thanks for a speedy delivery of the Flat Cat. It's just the job and fits perfectly
GM. Basildon, Essex

Hi Dominic, Flat Cats came today at 6pm, I put them up and were in use by 6.15pm. The Siamese is sitting with the wind blowing in his fur now :-). Thankyou for your help and excellent service .
AJ. Winsford, Cheshire

Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Dublin, Ireland

Just to say thanks for the prompt construction and delivery of our custom Flat Cat – all working well! Included are some action shots of our three exploring it for your archives
GS. Dublin, Ireland

Wow! All arrived (amazing fast delivery!)  just put first one up, brilliant product, will go back on website on weekend and leave review just wanted to say thanks for great service and product !!  
SK.. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Flat Cats working in Lancing

Cat Screens in Feltham, Middlesex

I received my flat cat windows nets week and a half ago. They have been successfully fitted an serving their purpose. Thank u so much for u r brilliant product.

Good luck with your future business.

LA. Feltham, Middlesex

Hi, just wanted to say that your Flat Cats window screens have changed our lives and our cat’s too!  With the hot weather we couldn’t open our windows for fear of losing our house cat but we ordered two flat cats and quickly ordered two more.  Our cat, Issey-Padstow, loves to sit by the now open but protected window watching out and taking the air.  Brilliant product and nice friendly service.  Thank you.
AT. Twyford, Berkshire

Wow!! That was quick. Thank you so much. I’m so pleased with the Flat Cats. My daughter didn’t even notice I’d put them up. She remarked on how little the mesh affects the light throughput. Of course, and very importantly, the air flow through the windows/patio doors is still there. The kittens are now safe!!
MC. Cardiff, Wales

I cant thank you enough for the Flat Cats! They are such an excellent product.
I was very wary of using anything, as I really didnt believe that it would be secure enough to keep my very playful cats on the little did I know!
The service that you give is superb, the time to each customer, even when I made a mistake is second to none.
I know one friend who has also used your service, she also sings your praises!
Thank you, thank you...but mostly Willow & Spikey thank you!
DA. City of London, London

Cat Screens in Sydenham, South London

Thank you for this product! It has been unbearable having all the windows closed in this heat but now, as you can see, I get fresh air and Pugin gets to nose on the outside world!

It didn't take me long to put up or long for the cat to start enjoying it! You provide a great efficient service. 
MR. Sydenham, South London

Flat Cats at word protecting cats in Norwich

Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond but I just wanted to say thank you for my recent screen. It’s made summer much easier and, as you can see, it’s very effectively doing its job! Thank you once again for your much appreciated service!
AW. Lodden, Norwich


It's arrived and we have air! Thanx
JS. Plymouth, Devon

Cat Screens in Hull, Humberside

This is just a quick email to say thank you so much for the flat cat for my patio door! It was so easy to fit and did it in about 15 minutes! I can now have my door wide open knowing little Henry can't get out or hurt himself and as a bonus it stops the pesky flies getting in!
I also just wanted to add thank you for being so reassuring and kind while I was on the phone to you!

Fantastic service, fantastic product and fantastic delivery which got to me a day early!!
Definitely going to order one for every window as soon as I can!

Here's a picture of Henry enjoying the breeze :)

CE. Hull, Humberside


Cat Screens in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

A couple of pix of Miss Daisy wishing she could get out! The pix with the house in the background is taken from an upstairs window.
Certainly the screens are doing their job.

Just waiting for her to investigate how to get out!
MW. Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Received flat cats pack yesterday fitted today. Perfect fit thanks
KF. Cinderford Gloucestershire

Cat Screens in Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Just wanted to say a big thank you. My flat cats screen arrived yesterday and we set it up as soon as it arrived.

Both cats have been very curious but have been well behaved, only one instance of paws on the screen so far. Its made such a difference to the temperaure and stuffiness of our house, making it so much more comfortable for us humans and furry ones!

I'm attaching a pic so you can see them both having a good nosey. Thanks again for an amazing product.
KC. Chepstow, Monmouthshire


All received and fits perfect. Thankful for the cool breeze through my flat now.
SD. Carshalton, Surrey

Just wanted to thankyou for all your help with my patio door cover , we have just fitted both door and window covers  with ease , it is lovely to be able to have our patio door open again.
i will be recommending you to my friends that have house cats and puppies
BM. Ongar

Just to let you know that the window screens arrived today .I haven't fitted them yet but they are perfect for size.Thank you for all your help .I also wanted to say your website is very user friendly.
WS. Longwell Green, Bristol, Avon

Many thanks for dispatching the below so promptly - they are now in situ and seem to be doing a great job! - it's great to eliminate the insect visitors too, with the balmy weather we've been having this year.  Our cat is VERY curious and is always exiting via the window ledges downstairs so your product has brought peace of mind for us with the upstairs ones.  Apart from giving them a good sniff, she now seems to have accepted them as part of the furniture.................I will recommend wholeheartedly to my cat friends!
SW. Manningtree, Essex

Hi Dominic - They arrived, just in time for the heat wave we are having!! I have fitted them and they are perfect, many thanks for all your help. I know have 2 very happy cool cats
BL. Southampton, Hampshire

Bella the cat from Romford enjoying Flat cats screens

Dear Flat Cats - Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my order which arrived very super quick. I can now open the window without the fear of my cat attempting to escape and venture out onto the window sill. I had the best night sleep in months with a nice cool breeze flowing through the bedroom which also stopped any insects flying in too. Something so simply yet effective is definitely a hero in my household.I've attached a picture for you. Thank you so much. Jaina and Bella the Cat! 
JJ. Romford, Essex


Flat Cats hard at work for Sarah in Manchester

Hi Dominic, I just wanted to thank you for the flat cats - both the product and the service. The vet told me to keep my cat indoors for health reasons so I've had a lot of worry trying to stop him from jumping out of the window and getting badly injured again (he is a rescue cat who was hit by a car) As my cat is very inquisitive and fearless, my only option was to never open windows. I was impressed with the friendly customer service and the great deal that I was given on my 3 custom flat cats. My cat has only tried to climb them once and I was pleased to see that they were very sturdy. Ive sent a photo of my cat in his new favourite place, sitting on top of the toilet looking out of the open bathroom window!I'll be moving house soon and definitely ordering some more from you.
SR - Manchester


Flat Cats working in Ely CambridgeshireFlat Cats hard at work in Ely for Nichola

Hi there :) would just like to say thank you for the wonderful mesh window nets for my cat ! He can now sit on the window and I don't have to worry about him climbing out from the top windows ! Great invention !! I've included some pics as I've seem others have sent some in for the website :)
NW - Ely, Cambridgeshire


I received my order yesterday and would like to a say a huge thank you! Maia and Ezio seem very happy to have a little nose out the windows. Maia jumped out the window which is the reason for my purchase. I'm first floor and thankfully she wasn't injured!
KM. Livingston, West Lothian

Kind Regards

Dear Dominic - I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic product you have. Our cat decided to start attempting to abscond out the windows a few weeks ago- just as the weather started to get hot hot hot. We've had to keep the windows closed for fear he might fall out (he's not the most dainty or co-ordinated boy!) and it has been unbearably hot. 10 minutes after the postman delivered the Flat Cats, we have them fitted, the windows are wide open and we can have a fresh breeze without needing to wonder what the cat is up to. Thank you so much for an ingenious product!
LW. Stafford, Staffordshire

Hi Dominic - Just a note to say that the flat cat window covers are brilliant. Both are perfect fits and they've been an absolute god send given the weather of the last 2 weeks - I think we'd have cooked with the windows closed!!
Im really glad I found your site - thank you :-)
TD. Colchester, Essex

Hi Dominic, Many Many thanks for the flat cats, having bought from you before I knew they were excellent value and thanks for putting the narrow fixings on that go all the way around the window just that added protection is great as my female Sox loves nothing more that hanging on the screens.  All my windows are now open wide so the air flow through the flat is lovely and will keep my two cats happy, they now don't know which window to sit at so they are checking them all out.  The speedy delivery was excellent to as tomorrow is said to be the hottest so far and I am happy in the knowledge that my indoor cars will be safe and cool. I am know telling everyone I know who has cats to get them.
RF. Warrington

Flat Cats Window Screens in Chipping Sodbury

Hi Dominic Thank you for the prompt delivery of the protectors. Feeling v chuffed - I managed to put them up myself!! And they look amazing!!I'll pass the word on...
ICW. Chipping Sodbury, Bristol

Just to let you know the cat flats arrived and I installed them very easily she has only gone bonzi and ran at the screen door once and she bounced right off lol. I can now open my patio door snd bedroom window without the fear of her getting out.
MB. Doncaster

Hi Dominic, I hope you're well! I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks so much for the Flat Cats - they work a treat and so wonderful to be able to have our windows open again! Our boys do go out during the day but we get them in at dusk so they both enjoy sitting at the windows in the evening now. A brilliant invention and a must for cat owners! 
Many thanks and all the best,
EM. London SW6

Hi there, just to let you know I have the screens fitted now.  Leah (the cat) doesn't seem too impressed with them.  Don't really mind though as I can have nice cool air circulating in my bedroom without worrying about her falling out.  Thanks again.
AM. Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Flat Cats making an impression in Kingston Upon Thames

Flat Cats Boxes come in useful too

Hi Dominic, I just wanted to say thank you very much for our flat cat which was delivered last weekend :-) it fits the window perfectly & our mogsters can sniff the fresh air whilst safety contained in the flat! Means that we'll be able to open the window a little wider than previously :-) & the box was an added bonus for our little princess lady cat Skye :-) Thanks again, if we need any more in the future, we'll be in touch. 
LG. Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey

Hi Dominic, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Flat Cats! They have been up now for a few weeks and it's been lovely to have been able to leave the windows open without fear of a cat falling out of it!
They are sturdy products, I have had one of the cats climbing it and it held very well under her weight. She is not a very big cat but she does weight between 7 or 9 pounds (haven't weight her recently). 
Also reading in bed at night, without being visited by giant moths and various buzzy creatures coming in from the garden, is a big plus!
Best of all though was the outstanding level of service, prompt, competent and honest, which are all qualities one doesn't encounter often these days when dealing with businesses, especially online businesses. Your honesty was very much appreciated when you could have made double the money from me, when I made a mistake on the measurements and got something too big for my windows, you didn't and got me the right Flat Cats very quickly and I am very grateful for that!  Anyway, many thanks and it was a pleasure doing business with you
AL Slough, Berkshire

Dear Dominic, Sorry it's taken me a few weeks to reply, but I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for the Flat Cats, which arrived perfectly (and quickly! thank you!) and most importantly fit perfectly!! - Really appreciate you spending the time to talk me through it all on the phone and for recommending the narrower fixings, they work perfectly with my window frames. - It's so lovely to have the windows open and not be permanently terrified that Polly will fall out! She's had a bit of a sniff at the Flat Cats, pawed them a bit to see what they feel like and now just completely ignores them. - I told a work colleague about them and although she doesn't have cats, she's thinking they might be a perfect solution to some "challenges" she has with insects at her holiday home in France, so she may be in touch!

Thank you again - such a brilliant product and thanks for the wonderful customer service, I am genuinely really happy to have found a friendly, British company with personal customer service, such a change from the robotic conglomerates!

HJ. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Just wanted to say thank you - my flat cat arrived today and fits the door beautifully! I am now sitting with the door open knowing my fur babies cannot get out.
RF. Thornton Heath, Surrey

Flat Cats Window Screens in Reigate Surrey

Just wanted to say thanks for the fast, friendly service. The flat cats are great :)
CT. Reigate, Surrey

Flat Cats Window Screens in Wokingham, Berkshire

Hi - just to let you know I have fitted both blinds, images attached, very pleased. I think my wife may be looking at a couple of the other windows too, all the windows upstairs  are similar sizes
DM. Wokingham, Berkshire

For Flat Cats with Narrow Fixings as shown above please click here to visit

It all arrived yesterday and we are really really delighted with it - though we have lost our dinner table to our sunbathing cats!  It's perfect and we shall no doubt recommend it to other people!
SS. London SW15

Dear Dominic, I'm glad to inform you that the three protection arrived yesterday, they are really sturdy and easy to apply, I think they'll work great for a long time, so thank you again for your assistance and I will surely recommend your website to anyone who should need them.
AB. London SE14

Cat Screens in Bristol Avon

Received our flat cats order earlier. Works perfectly thanks, thought you might like a picture of Loki enjoying some fresh air and watching the birds.
MS. Bristol, Avon

Flat Cats protection cats in Leicester

Just wanted to say many thanks again for your great service. The flat cats came Saturday morning and I fitted them all Saturday afternoon. I will be need some more for the rest of the rooms soon.
You so already have a picture of my cat enjoying them from about a year or so ago, but if you want another more updated one to put on your website then please let me know.

GH. Leicester

Flat Cats protection cats in Newton Abbot in Devon

Just wanted to say a massive thank you!! I live in a first floor flat and have a house cat, suki now lives sitting in the breeze on the window sill :) a happy customer. AW and suki xx
AW. Newton Abbot, Devon

Thank you so much for the swift delivery of the three screens for my Mum. I fitted them quite quickly yesterday and she's thrilled! Her cat, Bertie, is not particularly interested, which is great. We'll see if that changes. We may well be getting in touch for more, as her bungalow gets very hot when the sun shines, and she can't open windows for fear of the cat climbing out. Your screens are a godsend. Excellent service, and it looks like the product is pretty good too, at this stage....thank you.
GS. Plymouth

Once again very happy with both the product and the excellent service.  Say it every time but I don't plan on moving again but if I do I shall be back to you again.
VH. Lythan St Annes, Lancashire

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my latest flat cats order and also for the essentials pack which arrived today.  I am so impressed with the product and recommend you all the time. What a difference it makes being able to have doors and windows open in the warm weather and knowing your cats are safe and sound.  My cats are happy and I'm happy!
Also, have to mention your incredible service and quick delivery, keep up the good work.
LG. Leigh, Lancashire

Dear Dominic, Thank you so much for all your help with my order for the cat screens and thank you for sending them so promptly!
They work WONDERFULLY and serve a double purpose keeping my cats IN and any flying insects OUT...don't know how we would have managed because with this lovely hot weather we have to have the windows open!
My curious escape artist 12 year old cat Sophie has sniffed around and examined them but found no way to escape...thank goodness! Kind regards, Liz
LN. Winterbourne, Avon

Many thanks – the package arrived yesterday – thanks for the speedy delivery! They are working really well
WN. Camberley, Surrey

Cat Screens in Bridgwater, Somerset

It arrived this morning. Thanks for your help. The cats love it :-)
ZR. Bridgwater, Somerset

If you require a screen for a door please call me on 01673 844125 (Dominic)

Flat Cats arrived last week. I fitted them with ease. I am absolutely pleased with my purchase and would recommend. At last I can have windows open and get some fresh air. Dominic was very friendly and helpful. Thank you Sam
SD. Tredegar

Thanks for latest Flat Cat. this is just what we needed to our bedroom window [in bungalow ] to stop cats getting mud etc.on bedding and also to stop them bringing in "presents"for us.
thanks again.
RS. Lancaster, Lancashire

Hi there, got my flat cat pack and it is great I will be ordering more soon I can leave my window open when in my garden knowing my cats are safe.
LA. St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex

Flat Cats protection cats in London

Flat Cats protection cats in Basingstoke

Just wanted to thank you for the blinds, they work a treat....
LC. London

Ordered, delivered, fitted,  perfect! 2 Norwegian Forest cats contained but safe,,,, Thanks Dominic
DC. Basingstoke

Just wanted to say thank you for the flat cats - they fitted perfectly and we'll really grateful to be able to open more windows in this hot weather!!  Thank you so much for getting them to us so quickly.
SM. Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Hi Dominic, I just want to say thank you for a great product. It has worked wonders ! I am due to have new windows fitted at the beginning of August – so will need to order more then – will be in touch! Thanks again
KB. Dorking (Surrey)

It's not often that you get great customer service in this day and age so I'm so grateful for the extra length you went to to ensure that I got a naughty-cat-proof product. I have been recommending your product to everyone I know that has a car so hopefully you get more business somehow!  In the future I hope to order more for other windows in the house especially if this hot weather continues so once I have a bit more cash I'll be in touch.

Wishing you all the very best and thanks once again for your excellent customer service.
OF. Belfast

Flat Cats protection cats in Forest Hill London

Hi Dominic - thanks for the amazing service and swift delivery of Flat-Cats! The cats are enjoying the breeze and it's hardly noticeable that they're there. Thanks again! Emily
EF. Forest Hill London

Dear Flat Cats, Just wanted to Thankyou for my flat cat window screens which arrived today. They are perfect, really easy to fit, and after a good inspection, it was decided by my two burmese girls that they were escape proof! They are very cross! 

It's lovely to have the windows open with this beautiful weather, and not be worried about my girls getting out. Thankyou again
JW. Reading, Berkshire

Flat Cats protection cats in London

Hi Dominic, Just to say thank-you for the prompt delivery of the screen for our back door. We put it up straight away and we are all feeling the benefits of having the door open and knowing that Rocky is safe. The instructions were fantastic and we had it up and in use within minutes.

Thanks again, it's so refreshing to have a company that can custom make something and deliver it promptly ! Thanks again
BK. London EC3N (and Rocky)

Flat Cats protection cats in Warrington, Cheshire

Thank you! Very pleased! Fresh air at last for me & two cats!
KR. Warrington, Cheshire


The flat cats arrived on Monday but couldn't pick them up till today ( Friday) due to no one being in  the building and we were at work ,, so a super speedy delivery from you , also have 1 of the front room flat cats up  so far and all is well its brilliant to be-able to open the window and let the breeze in with out having to stand guard on it , still got my eyes open tho as its new and kitty is sniffing the net and air. All in all very Happy Customers
JE. St Austell, Cornwall  

Thank you very much 

Hi Dominic, Thank you for the speedy delivery. The flat cat for the patio door fits perfect. Marble does seem to like climbing up it but it is very strong and stayed in place. Nice to enjoy the fresh air again. Thanks.
DS. Lancaster

Really pleased with the Flat-cats on mum's windows. Excellent results and exemplary service. Thank you very much.
WH. Aberdeen

Flat Cats protection cats in Central London

Thanks for the super speedy delivery - I was surprised to have received them so quickly!
I put them up immediately, no fuss whatsoever. 
Attached is a photo for your client testimonials - last week Penelope squeezed through the window when it was ever so slightly open, jumped down one story to the street and went for a walk towards a very busy road. Here she is, safely inside the flat, protected by the Flat Cat. This is a must for all owners of indoor cats who still want to be able to open their windows!

TP. London EC4V

I wanted to take 5 minutes out of my day to express my delight with your product. When i ordered 3 Window Nets from your company I was a little apprehensive if they would stop my cat due to her determination to escape into the great outdoors added with her ability to climb. I just want to say your product is BRILLIANT ... not only is my home insect free and cool at night time, my cat is also safe and sound indoors and now ignores the nets after failing her great escape 4 or 5 times by climbing the nets in the hope to pull them from there fixings. (which they never did, nor did the cat manage to damage the nets themselves) Truly brilliant product and great customer support prior to purchase Well done :-)
SM. Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Hi Dominic, just to say a big Thank You for sorting out my order so quickly. Got them at work today and my first window is done. It was so easy to fit, and it's just lovely having the kitchen window finally open! My cat, Mickey, has been sitting on the sill getting some air. Have already recommended them to a friend.Brilliant idea, thank you again.
LD. Carshalton Surrey

I have had flat cats from you a few years ago, and have now moved so have had to re order, so I can't wait! I've even told my new neighbour about them as they have said they would live to open their windows and never knew about them, so when I get them, I'm going to show them and they can order. I need to order a few more as well. But thank you as always for your quick service 
LB. Nuneaton, Warwickshire

I’ve just received my Flat Cats delivery, the four of them fit perfectly. I haven’t installed them as yet, kittens are arriving early July but I’l be ready in plenty of time for them. I’ll send you some pics and further feedback when i go “live”/ I must say that are are superb, they cut out very little light, you can see quite clearly through them and they are made extremely well.
BC. Cardiff, Wales

Hi Dominic, we received parcel on Friday and flat cats are now installed. My husband and I are very pleased with them, they do exactly what you say they will, that is keep cats safely inside. Mo & Jo[ the cats] can go outside the back of our property via a cat flap, but now they will not be able to jump out of the windows onto the front of the house.  Thanks again for all your help in sizing,etc..My daughter-in-law thinks they are so good that she is going to see if you can help help her with a flat cat for a patio door. Once again thanks very much, they are a great product.
RS. Lancaster Lancashire

The screens have now been fitted and hardly notice. Thank you for your good service.
JG. Tonbridge, Kent

Hi Dominic, I've had my Flat Cat for nearly a month now and I couldn't express how wonderful your product is.  Since putting up the screen on the day I received it, my worries of Muffin's paws being injured while resting them in the window frame instantly disappeared.  Now, I can even look forward to keeping my windows open at night in the coming summer months :-) Thank you so, so much.
CK. Edinburgh

Hi Dominic, Just a quick email to say thank you for the made-to-measure door cover.I finally managed to get around to fitting it fully today. It is a perfect fit and works exactly as hoped. I am sure the cats are not as impressed but we are delighted with it. Thank you once again; kindest regards
SW. West Kirby, Wirral

Hi Dominic, Just to let you know that the flat-cat arrived today. We have not attached it to the door yet as our kitten does not arrive till July! But we have held it up against the door and it looks like it will fit fine. Thank you for all your help and fast communication. I shall be recommending you to anyone with a feline friend!!
JJ. Christchurch Dorset

Flat Cats protection cats in stockport

Flat Cats protecting cats in Stockport

Hi Dominic

I collected my Flat Cats from the Post Office today and I fitted them earlier this evening.

All I can say is WOW! What a fantastic invention - this is going to make such a difference to me, Hector and Pixie! I cannot thank you enough for your help, generosity and amazing service, I am truly overwhelmed by it all.

I volunteer at an animal sanctuary in Sale (the Society for Abandoned Animals) and I shall be promoting your website on our Facebook page and I do hope it generates some business for you, you deserve it.

I have attached a couple of photos of Hector and Pixie exploring their Flat Cat!

With very best wishes and thank you so much.

NL. Stockport



Hi Dominic, Hurrah! It works! Thank you so much :-)
AA. Oswestry

Hi Dominic, Just to say the flat cats arrived on Friday! Put them all up today and my idea for the velux window worked really well. So pleased with them, all I need now is a really hot evening to be able to benefit from having the windows open all night. Thank you so much for the super fast service and the wonderful product. At last we can relax and have windows open while we sleep. Kind regards
LH. Redhill, Surrey

Flat Cats in London SW12

Thought you might like to see our recently purchased Flat Cats product in action. This is our little boy cat, Domino, enjoying an upstairs breeze for the very first time! One of our cats once jumped out of an upstairs window (it's ok, she wasn't hurt) and since then we've been too afraid to open the upstairs windows up properly. But now thanks to your product we can have our upstairs windows open again! It'll make such a difference this summer I can tell you!
EB. London SW12



Flat Cats in Looking after Pi and Neko

Hi Dominic! My husband and I want to thank you for such a wonderful product! I'm leaving a picture of Pi and Neko sitting in front one of their 'Flat Cat' windows. Glorious! I'm from Florida and use to having screens on all the windows. Since being in the UK it has been quite frustrating until I came across your wonderful product P.S. Thank you for the fantastic customer services!
Pi, Neko, Laney & Lee



Dominic I have to say the product you have is fantastic and good value for the money.I plan to have all my windows screened as i have been looking for this type of product for years. I lived in the U.S many years ago and all homes come with screened windows Sadly not here in the U.K We are so happy with this product Will be in touch soon as i have the funds for more screens.
AS. Greenock (Renfrewshire)  

Excellent product - very impressed. Will be ordering two more with similar dimensions later this week
DH. Newark (Nottinghamshire)

The flat cat for my sash window is perfect.  Thankyou
KH. London E5

Flat Cats in Christchurch

Just to thank you for the window covers. I know that monty will be safe. Monty has sent a photo to say Thks  xxx
JY. Christchurch


Hi Dominic, thanks for the wonderful screens..We like them so much we would like to order another one if possible! Many thanks for your help and for such a great product- I have been recommending your site to everyone!
VS. Greenford Middlesex

I just wanted to thank you for our custom made flat cats!! They were sent to us so quickly and fit the windows perfectly! I couldn't face another summer of the windows being shut in our flat- especially being pregnant this summer!!! The cats love them as they can feel the fresh air and hear all these new noises! Will definitely be ordering some more in the future and recommending to my friends and family! Many thanks again!  
AF. Sanderstead (South Croydon)  

Dear Dominic, Got it , love it and will be on for more!  Can you make large ones for patio doors? (Yes we can Helen no problem) PS – Cat is happy but wants to know can you do one to secure garden so he can go out!!! Thanks for excellent service
HM - Sutton Coldfield

Flat Cats in Poplar London

Just wanted to say I have received my flat cat order. It fits perfectly on my balcony door, really sturdy and easy to put up. Your customer service has also been excellent and I have recommended you to all my friends. Leo has started to climb it already
Thanks again.
RS. Poplar - London

Flat Cats in use in Ramsgate


Thanks for the speedy delivery - these have worked absolutely perfect for me! Very happy and will recommend to all!
JE. Llandaff - Cardiff

Flat Cats in use in Bromley

Hi Dominic,

A couple of pics (though not great) of Lokie and Keeta looking out the window. Was so funny watching their reactions  as they could sit and smell outside and listen to all going on – they loved it!

Many thanks – and it was fantastic to have all the windows open yesterday, and enjoy the breeze and not have to worry about my cats!

CN. Bromley, Kent


Flat Cats in use in Ramsgate

Hi Dominic, Just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and speed of delivery. The product is great and the cats love it. I've attached a few pictures for you. As you can see they look great!!
SJ. Ramsgate

Flat Cats in use in Ramsgate

Flat Cats in use in London

I thought the least I could do is send you a picture taken a few weeks ago of our two cats who are now just about 2 1/2 alive and kicking thanks in part to Flat Cats. They are brother and sister the large one, on the right the boy is London and the little girl is Paris.
Please feel free to use there picture and my thanks on your web page.

JO. London

Im very pleased with my flat-cat! So much so Ive made a public Youtube Review Video saying how happy I am :) Thought you may like to view it! ND. Birmingham


This is just a big thanks for my FLAT CAT screen,
I have fitted it today with no messing about trying to fix screws in as the fixing's are just right,
also I would like to thank the person who I spoke to regarding my custom FLAT CAT he was a huge help and very pleasant to talk to and very very helpful in understanding the query that I had, as for the screen I can honestly say I feel much better knowing that I can have my windows open without having to keep my cat out of the living room just in case she jumps through the window, now It gives us a more secure feeling knowing she is safe. thanks for all your help and I can guarantee I WILL be ordering another one very soon.
MS. Birmingham, West Midlands

Just wanted to say thank you for my Flat Cats screen which I fitted this morning. It is a bright, warm, sunny day and I can now have a window open. Very easy to fit and very effective! I shall be sending you an order for another window, when, of course, I will be a normal customer! Thank you.... such a simple idea and it works very well!
MS. Ringmer, East Sussex

Our Flat cat screens arrived today and they are wonderful!! so easy to fit, great quality,great service!! will tell all my family n friends with cats!! May order some more in the future! thanks again Sam :)
SC. Salford

Hi Dominic, Just a quick email to say order received today - its perfect! I’ll be ordering some more once i’ve redecorated! Thanks again, 
SW. East Hanningfield, Essex

Dear Dominic, Flat cats arrived, fitted and magic (again). Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service. We'll certainly be recommending flat cats and may even be back to you again.
VH. Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

Hi Dominic, Just wanted to say thank you once again. I finally got some time to put the flat cat's on the windows! It's gotten really warm the last few days and my flat has felt like a sauna without the windows open and I'm way too paranoid to open them at all without the flat cat's up after Sophie's accident.

Also, Sophie's accident turned out to be worse than the vet initially thought. When she went to the vets again on the Monday afternoon she was limping a lot on one of her front legs and they did an xray and found out she'd broken her leg and had to have surgery to put pins in it. When we went to the vets again today for a bandage change he told me that while the bandage was off she was putting pressure on her leg and trying to walk using it so he's fairly certain she's recovering well. She's also had to have cage rest since her surgery which she's absolutely hating, but it's for the best and stops her jumping around and delaying the healing. I'm so thankful I have pet insurance because the vet said without the surgery it's unlikely the bone would fuse back together correctly and the leg would need to be amputated, and I'd feel even more guilty than I already do if she had to have the leg removed. It's already come close to £2000 for the treatment and without pet insurance I'd not be able to afford that..

Right now Chloe is sitting on the window ledge looking out of the window and enjoying the fresh air, and it's also so nice for me to be able to cool down my flat a little! Thank you very much!
SD. Birmingham

Thanks for the window mesh! They fit perfectly! It was lovely to see the cats by the window feeling the breeze and hearing all the sounds.
EM. Stratford-Upon-Avon

Good Morning Dominic, The nets arrived last weeks and took no time at all to set up over the weekend. Thank you for your time and help over the phone.
LC. London

Dear Flat Cats,

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and quick delivery of our custom flat cat!  I ordered it on Monday and it arrived today!(Wednesday!) It fits perfectly and now Oskar can enjoy the fresh air whilst I can enjoy having the kitchen window open. What a fabulous product - I wish I'd thought of it myself!

Thank you once again,

VG. Haslingden, Lancashire

Flat Cats in use in London


All arrived yesterday (01 Mar) safe and sound.

Many thanks for your help. 

Pepper likes the box too. 

TV. Hove


Hi Dominic,
I just wanted to say thank you. I received a card on Friday but haven't had chance to collect them from the post office yet, which I'll do tomorrow.

Today there was a bit of an accident with Sophie. I had a window open slightly and forgot to close it when I left the room. I live in a house converted to flats and it's like a converted attic and I couldn't find where Sophie was and saw the window wider open which must have been either the wind or pushed open by her, and she must have either jumped or fallen from the roof. I rushed outside to find her in the garden very scared and when I brought her back in and she was limping a lot so I took her to an emergency vet. Nothing is broken though luckily but she's a little sore and shaken up by the whole experience.

I'm so glad you invented flat cats so nothing like this will ever happen to my cat's again. I spent the whole time from when it happened until the vet checked her over in tears.

You said in your video that you wondered if you were just being over protective, but I know now that windows are a real risk and using flat cat's isn't being over protective. I think anyone living in a flat should purchase flat cats. When I do some day move house or the flat cat's get worn out, I'll definitely be buying more, because my cat's safety is worth any amount money.

If you want to use any of this email on your website to let others know how important it is to protect their cat's from the danger of open windows you're welcome to. I feel so stupid for leaving the window open. I've never forgotten to close the windows until now and this one time the worst case scenario did happen.

Thank you again,
SD. Edgbaston (Birmingham)

Flat Cats in use in London


I thought you might like to see my cat enjoying his first "flat-cat" window last summer (attached). I'll be back for more shortly!
With renewed thanks,
MH. London

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for my Flat Cats which I have just installed.
Your customer service has been fantastic and the product matches up to it!
 I am an active member on several pet related forums and will put posts up to recommend your company.
CS. Walthamstow

Hi Dominic

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the creation of Flat Cats and the fast turnaround of the order I placed. These are now on the windows and have been a roaring success. None of my cats have managed to damage or remove them and my house is now nicely aired. I no longer have to worry about them attempting daredevil stunts on the roofs.

I have also taken the liberty of reviewing your product on Dooyoo - here is the link. I hope many more cat owners try these for themselves.

I am sure we will be back to buy more (eventually all our windows will have them)

Take care and have a lovely Christmas and New Year

AD. Blackburn Lancashire

Flat Cats in South Africa

...and look, shes loving her flat cats. A perfect fit as always. Last night I put them on, opened the windows and let her see a big African thunderstorm. She thought life had suddenly turned into an HD action film :) shes loving the new smells and sounds, a very purry happy cat indeed!

CJ. South Africa



Flat Cats protecting windows in Manchester

Flat Cats protecting windows in Manchester

The screen has stood up to lots of climbing did you get those pics of my kittens  (monsters) haahahahahah. The screen has been brilliant. The breeder I got the kittens from is asking about it also 
LR. Manchester


I received the screens today it fits perfectly! Thank you 
IY. Vancouver, Canada

Just to say thank you for the really quick turnround on our order. Really pleased with them and a great solution for our indoor cat
MC. Dunholme, Lincoln

Flat Cats protecting windows for Cats in Coventry

Flat Cats window protection working in Coventry

Thank you so much for the bespoke flatcats window covers.  As you can see, Faith is unable to escape and we have air! Will be needing two more of these as I stupidly thought front and back windows were the same. Oh well, was going to order them at some point anyway. Will do a couple of art sales soon so will have some readies.  Shall also be doing a blog and will forward you the link for your site. Just great. Perfect fit.
NR. Coventry


I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping me to get my flat cat ordered in time before I went away. I appreciate the hurried delivery, thanks so much. The product was super and my mum's bedroom was transformed into a makeshift cattery, complete with fresh air, whilst I was away. My plan worked a treat! A great product and my mum is keeping it up as a fly screen!
LP. Gedling, Nottinghamshire

Flat Cats in Taverham, Norwich

Just to say these are purrfect! Looking after daughters cat while they're on holiday. Whole problem of me loving fresh air in combined with not really wanting cat out..solved! You hardly notice them..very impressed!

TC. Taverham, Norfolk


The Flat Cats are Fantastic. Both cats took to them straightaway.  The more inquisitive of our two, just had one or two gentle  scratches at the first one we put up - no damage done and after all cat flaps were accepted by them.  Safe cats and fresh, cooling air up and down stairs. 
AP. Taunton (Somerset)

Thanks everyone for making the cat window guards. The patio door one the cat bumped into while the door was open. Very funny at the time but safe and secure around the door frame. Many thx people. I might order another very soon. Thx again
LS. Luton (Bedfordshire)

Thanks , cat loves sitting by the windows. Smiles and salutations
CL. Loughborough (Leicestershire)

Thank you for sending them! They are great and working really well!
AM. Saunderton Lee (Buckinghamshire)

Flat cats received today. They're great! Thank you
GW. Birmingham (West Midlands)

Just to let you know - it arrived ok and is working well. We may be back to order a couple of window sections in September.
AB. St Neots (Cambridgeshire)

We received our flat cats this morning, they are fantastic, it's made our lives a lot easier and it has been so nice to let the fresh air in, and not worry about the cats getting out.
DA. Haywards Heath (West Sussex)

Flat Cats in Hackney, London

"Monkey" admiring his Flat Cats window protection in Hackney, London

I'm just dropping you an email to let you know we have recieved our Flat Cat and are very happy with it, it fits perfectly and you can hardly see it! Monkey is loving having the door open, and hasn't tried climbing it either, which is perhaps the only thing in the flat that he hasn't! Thanks again for the great service and speedy delivery. I know you have been busy. Feel free to use this and the picture on your website reviews. 

TF. Hackney, London



Received the Flat Cats today and fitted them.  It was really easy and I am extremely pleased with them.  The two cats and their kittens I foster for the RCPA are getting lots of fresh air and they are safe from falling out my two bedroom windows. Thank you so much for your brilliant idea.
LJ. Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Just wanted to say our flat-cats arrived this morning.  We have two cats who have been very badly treated in the past and this has left them very scared, particularly of humans (except us)  so they are unable to go outside, which to us has always felt a shame.  However, we now have two very happy cats, particularly our female who contentedly sits on the window seal up against the flat-cat watching the birds and butterflies and enjoying the fresh air. Two happy cats make for two happy humans!
EE. Greetwell, Humberside

You have changed our lives: Dear Dominic, all I can say is thank you for the service and the product it looks and works  great. We can enjoy open windows again, the fresh air at nights is wonderful Regards and thanks
BP. Welwyn, Hertfordshire

Hi. My order arrived this morning. It's up at the window now and its fab. We have 2 indoor cats so don't have our windows open unless they are shut out of the room but this means we no longer need to do that. We know we still have to watch them but now with out worry that the could jump through an open window. Cheers
SW. Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Good morning Mr Parker, I just wanted to contact you to say how delighted I am with my two flat cats! They fit perfectly at my windows and my cat Charlie really isnt bothered by them.  The flat is lovely and cool now, I really wonder how I coped before.  Your advice about the sticking strips was perfect too as the screens really fit snug and secure. If you ever have someone asking questions about your product and if it works, would be happy to confirm its fantastic!
JL. Chippenham, Wiltshire

I don't know if you have a customer review section on your site but I'd just like to say how pleased I am with your products. I have 1 little cat and she won't try and chew them or claw them or anything like that to get out, just sits and enjoys the breeze which has been so important at this hot time of the year. Cannot thank you enough! Iincredibly impressed. Would and will recommend you to others.
LA-H. Bicester, Oxfordshire


Thanks for your quick response to my order my Burmese cats think it is great. As the lodger I found it very easy to install
TB. Leyland Lancashsire

Flat Cats in Aylesford, Kent

Flat Cats window protection at work in Aylesford, Kent

Hi, just wanted to say a huge thank you from my Bengal boys they can now happily window gaze with a cool breeze. Flat cats is truly an amazing product and we will be measuring up for some custom sizes very soon!! 

DA. Aylesford (Kent)


I'm just writing to let you know that I've been Flat Cats for 6 weeks now and I found it to be a brilliant and very simple solution to trying to keep my housecats indoors during summer. Before they arrived I was a bit sceptical about whether the velcro would be strong enough to stop the cats escaping. However, it forms a very strong bond and, to be honest, the biggest worry I had initially was that the bond was so strong that I might pull the velcro off the window frame. This did happen on one or two occassions soon after I installed it  but,with a little care it was fine and,  in any case, the bond between the velcro and the wood has strengthened with time. One thing I would advise, though, is to make sure your cat's claws are kept relatively short as, if they are too long, they can get caught in the mesh
JJ. Falkirk

Thanks for the recent custom Flat Cats order fits perfectly, brilliant.
GJ. Swindon

Flat Cats in Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Flat Cats window protection at work in Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Hello Dominic, We just wanted to say thank you for the three flat cats we ordered.  They arrived last Friday well packaged.  We are very pleased to report that they are working very well for our Bengal cats.

I have attached a photograph to show how pleased they are with them.

RH. Worksop (Nottinghamshire)



Flat Cats in Hampton Hill, Middleswex

Flat Cats window protection at work in Sutton Coldfield

I just wanted to thank you for my order, it arrived today and is already being put to use! It fits perfectly.
Our small accident prone younger cat is enjoying a breeze safely and our older cat (terrified of the outside world) is enjoying fresh air from what she considers to be a safe distance about two foot away. Here's a couple of quick photos from my phone, my dSLR battery is on charge so I'll send you any other better ones I may snap incase you want to use them on your site.
CD. Sutton Coldfield

Window protection in Sutton Coldfield


They arrived and are absolutely brilliant. The house is now cool and house cat Mr Shinto is safe.
SL. Epsom (Surrey)

Thanks so much for my order that I received today. Was perfect and we are so happy
SB. London

Can I just say a massive thank you for such fab service. The flat cats arrived this morning and are perfect! We can finally have our bedroom windows open at night without the risk of Lola jumping out. 
EW. Southampton

Flat cats received and one is up its brilliant thank you. When I move again I will be ordering more!!! 
RG. Worcester

Just to confirm our order arrived this morning and is already in place! Thank goodness as today is looking to be a hot one (and I was worried that by ordering these I had put an end to any more hot days this summer!). As an added bonus, it looks like the Flat Cats will prove good spider deterrents too – at last my son will be able to sleep with his window open (he’s 18).
CB. St Giles (Cambridgeshire)

Hi Dom, I received my flat cats today,fitted in an instant and it works a treat.i have left you a message on Facebook .many thanks and good look for the future.
D&J. Oldham

Just to let you know i have received my Flat Cats this morning and half of them are up already! Thanks for your speedy service.
JE. Abersoch (Gwynebb)

Flat Cats in Hampton Hill, Middleswex

Flat Cats window protection at work in Hampton Hill

Dear Dominic. Just to confirm that my Flat cats pack arrived yesterday and as you can see from attached photo - my little rescue cat Caesar took to it immediately, spending the evening on guard duty at the window! We live in a 2nd / 3rd floor apartment and I think he will never be brave enough to go out so your screens are ideal - what a good idea!
Many thanks from myself and Caesar Kind regards
RP. Hampton Hill (Middlesex)


Janis from Glynn Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland has just purchased some Flat Cats ahead of the arrival of two new kittens. They are just so sweet we couldnt resist posting the picture. Many thanks Janis

Window protection for Cats in Ireland

Just to say that flatcats arrived and fitted to windows. Very pleased with product. As well as cat safety it's stopping pigeons and moths coming in and plants from falling out! 
Very good service and I will definitely recommend you.
RB. London

Hi, just wanted to say Thank You so much for our custom Flat-Cats! You have made them perfectly.
KC. Bingham Nottinghamshire

Received our cat flat today as promised .very pleased with it. I think my cat "mr bb" likes it as well. Many thanks
JM. Rayne (Essex)

I recieved my flat cats yesterday and they are up and in use. I just wanted to thank you for such a good shopping experience and to tell you how pleased I am with your product, they work brilliantly and fit perfectly. Many thanks and best wishes.
SN. Ipswich

Hiya...Received and fitted...great product! Cheers...
GP. Hitchin

Dear flat cat
I was very impressed with your web is clear and to the point and the videos really help to understand your product
I was impressed again when i phoned to ask about an inward opening patiently talk me through the concept and measurments
And now i have recieved my order ....3 days later..,.and it is excellent..,simple and effective at a very reasonable price
If only more people ran their buisnesss as well as you guys
SR. Llandudno


Thanks Dominic, it's just what I wanted! Now waiting for another really hot day so I can have a cool bedroom with the window open and no visitations from neighbouring cats.
Will recommend to you other bungalow dwellers. Thanks again for speedy, personal service.
MS. Lancaster

(Note Madeleine above wanted to keep cats out rather than keep them in !)

Flat Cats in Cinderford Gloucestershire

Flat Cats window protection at work in Norwich on a door

Just wanted to show you that the flat cat is up and seems to be doing its job!
SC. Norwich


Many thanks for our flat cat. We are very pleased with it and cannot commend your service enough, for a custom size we were pleasantly surprised to receive it so promptly.
SB. Eastleigh, Hampshire

Flat Cats in Cinderford Gloucestershire

Flat Cats window protection at work in Cinderford

Thanks Dominic, They arrived yesterday. I received them after work and had them in place by 7pm.  I cannot thank you enough for your brilliant service. I have already been “ spreading the word” so hope that you manage to get more orders through my recommendation. The fit is excellent, particularly considering that my windows have handles which protrude very close to the corner of the windows. I will attach a photo to illustrate how well they fit. I am glad that I went with the 50mm fixings as it allows me to get plenty of “ contact” in the corners next to the handles. I had looked, on the net, at a couple of much more expensive and more ”rigid“ alternatives to the Flat Cats and I am confident that neither of them would have done the job anything like as well. You have a very satisfied customer.
SC. Cinderford


Just letting you know the new set arrived this morning and they fit perfectly, we don't feel like we're trapped in a third floor greenhouse any more! Thanks so much for your kindness, you don't know how much it's appreciated. I'll certainly recommend your site to everyone.
EM. Cardiff

Sorry it's taken me a while but wanted to say thank you for the flat cat :). As luck would have it the day it arrived the weather has changed and gone rather bad so had no chance to try it for a week or so ... But I can now report that it fits and works perfectly and Phoebe loves it!
JM. London

A huge thank you. I have recived my Flat Cats today, excellent quality and so easy to fit.
Thank you for your fantastic customer care.
SW. Brough (Yorkshire)

Humphrey in Maidstone likes Flat Cats

Just wanted to let you know I received them yesterday, I am very impressed! Humphrey (kitten) has not moved from the window since I put them up and loves feeling the breeze through his whiskers :) but most importantly I am completely confident that he can't get out! Also thank you for helping with sizes. I shall definitely be buying more for rest of windows.

PC. Maidstone

Humphrey from Maidstone 


Just to let you know I bought a custom flat cat from you about a month ago. I bought this for a very different reason to most of your customers, it was for keeping my cat out. My cat is a constant hunter and during the night he will jump out the top window onto our extension roof and he has been known to jump back in with a dead rat in his mouth. Needless to say I had to keep the window permanently shut. I debated as to whether your flat cat would work and I'm pleased to say that it's fantastic. He doesn't try to jump in or out the window anymore. I'm so pleased to be able to have my window open at night again. Just thought you might be interested in case you ever had any queries asking if your product was suitable for keeping card out. Thank you so much.
LK. Romford

Just to say thank u sooooooo much for my fantastic Flat Cats they fitted really easily and are purfect, excuse the pun. Teddie my 6 month old Bengal kitten is in heaven. sniffing the fresh air in safety. Custom made to my sizes they are exactly right. Thank u for great product and customer service.
KH and Teddie. Maidenhead

Just an e-mail to say thanks for shipping the Flat Cats so quickly, they fitted perfectly and make such a difference to be able to have the windows open safely in the warmer weather, Thanks again.
MB. Camberley, Surrey

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
All perfect - Mooch not impressed but I am! I've been howled at a lot today. Will be ordering more for the other windows once I get round to measuring.
SH. Bromley, Kent

Flat Cats working well in Bromley Kent

Flat Cats working well in Bromley Kent

Flat Cats working well in Bromley for "Mooch"


Mr Bibbs with Flat Cats Window Protection

We received the flat cats today. They really are great.

I've attached a picture to show one of my cats enjoying it too.

PR. Luton

Flat Cats in use 


Thanks for completing so quickly. I'm working from home today and just taken delivery of my order. Held one up to the window and the sizing is spot on. Thanks once again
DH. Sheffield

Want to say a big thank you for my Flat Cat. My cat loves it, sits in front of it and look at the world. And I don't have to worry that it might escape. I will recommend to my cat owners' friends.
MS. Hove

Its up and fitted and they are arguing already. Thank you x
CS Nelson, Caerphilly

Flat Cats in Wales - Window protection for cats
Flat Cats causing arguments in Nelson, Caerphilly


Mr Bibbins and Wilf say thank you very much for their lovely fresh air, they're just trying to figure out how to get past that pesky netting!

The nets fit perfectly and seem to be stuck fast... I am not putting anything past Mr B and will remain nervous of leaving the windows open whilst we're asleep, for example, given how fast he flies around the flat when he's in a lively mood, but, as you can see: so far so good.  My doubts lie as much with the window frames themselves falling out as they do with the Flat Cats failing to be honest, ie. I am just paranoid! ;-) Many thanks,
AB West Byfleet, Surrey

Mr Bibbs with Flat Cats Window ProtectionWindow with Flat Cats window protection
Mr Bibbs & WilfMr Bibbs


just to let you know I purchased a Flat Cats screen a few months ago. As we had discussed my window opened inwards but with a little modification it has worked perfectly! My kitten Funkhouser loves to sit in the breeze and it even keeps flies out. Thanks very much for an excellent product. (See image below of the Flat Cats in action)
JF Sutton (Surrey)

Flat Cats in Sutton Surrey protecting windows

Put both flat cats up, Lola blue is investigating the bedroom one but its v nice having fresh air in the flat as have both windows open in lounge & flat and haven't been ale to do that for a while. Thanks.
KB. London N8

Morning!  The screens arrived yesterday, they are fantastic!!!! Thanks very much :-)
KC. Ingatestone

Hi Dominic, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the help you gave me with this, your customer service was 100% brilliant from start to finish. The screens look fantastic, the quality is great and I couldn't be happier - and neither could the kittens! They are definitely Bengal proof! Thank you so much again. I won't hesitate to recommend Flat Cats to anyone.
ES. Ilford

Just wanted to say that the Flat cat arrives in very good time and we are really pleased with it! Our two kittens are safe and well in our flat! Thunder in particular has used it to scale the window! Gave us a fright but the Flat Cat didnt move!

When we return to the UK we will be ordering more for our UK place!
PL. Hong Kong


Flat Cats satisfied customer from Liverpool

I just wanted to let you know, we received the flat cats today and fitted them all without a problem.
I've attached a picture of the boys enjoying them already. Two very happy cats and two very happy owners!

Thanks for all your help. I'll definitely be passing your name on. I've already been bragging about them on facebook this morning!
KC. Basildon



Once again, thank you for inventing Flat Cats and making them available for the needy. By the way, the builder who is responsible for managing this rental property saw it the other day, and was full of praise - said it was very professional, attractive,  and found the solution pretty ingenious. So there you go - your karma is good.
SG. London

Just a quick note to say we received the flat cats - installed and have wonderful fresh air coming through the window without the fear of our cat falling out - they do exactly what it says on the tin! ;0)
AW. Eastleigh

Flat Cats satisfied customer from Liverpool

Wow! What a relief your invention is!! It arrived today and it's just taken me all of 5 minutes to fit! Splat is obsessed with the sights and smells I doubt I'll get her down from the window now!
CW. Chelmsford


Flat Cats satisfied customer from Liverpool

I have literally just received my flat cats today and put them up a few hours ago. My Maine coon loves them!! Can't get enough of the breeze in this hot weather. Such good value for money, excellent and very friendly service, I am thinking of purchasing some more for the rest of my flat, would definitely recommend this company any day x
CJ. Bracknell


Just wanted to let you know that we received the Flat Cats yesterday. They fit brilliantly, Mia is happy to sit on the window sill and watch the world go by and my partner and I no longer feel as if we are living in a sauna! Thank you so much for all you help and advice, it is very much appreciated and I will have no hesitation in recommending you.
CF. Gravesend

Flat Cats satisfied customer from Liverpool

FlatCat arrived and its perfect down to the mm! Kitty is really loving the breeze as you can see :-) I really do love them, its such a simple clever thing that makes a real difference to my cats day, as she is home alone and pretty bored until i get back so she loves spying on the neighbours now :) Someone from the cat charity i do work for ordered day before yesterday as well, he will be super impressed!
CJ. Liverpool


they arrived today...thank u so much :o) love them!!
DG. Morcambe

Just to let you know that our Flat Cats are now all in place & working perfectly. Their quality & your service both excellent!
CT. Bridgnorth

Just a note thank you for your personal help and prompt execution of the order for my daughter’s cat. Pip no longer hits his nose on the net but  loves the fresh air and taste of outdoors that the panels offer.
CR. London

Thank you for the speedy delivery. Titus the cat has tried climbing up the mesh but it has defeated him so far and all is intact.  Such a simple and unobtrusive solution, and we are both enjoying the fresh air!
AM. Haslemere

Thank you so much for such personal service and help.  I ordered the screens on Wednesday and by Friday evening they are in place.  I am appreciating the breeze tonight with open windows and have some very happy cats flat out on the window sills. Have told the head rehoming manager at Celia Hammond Animal Trust about them as there may some potential adopters/fosterers who need to secure their windows before having a cat (or more) from the charity
JD. London

Hi Dominic, The flat cats arrived yesterday, took about 5 min to sort out and fix to two of the living room windows. Very easy install. Thank You so much, I’m cooler, the cats are cooler, we are all happy. If you ever get back to Birmingham, give me a call, pop in and have a coffee and meet the tribe.
TC. Sutton Coldfield

Hello - I would just like to say thank you very much for the product - it is just wonderful to have the windows open again without my cat jumping out.  Whoever designed this product - thank you.
BC. Prestatyn

Thankyou for the flat cats they are very good and fantastically easy to fit. We live in a flat with two fully grown ragamuffin cats. We were afraid to open the windows too far before, so in summer we all got a bit too hot. This is a perfect solution. Even though one of our cats keeps getting his claw stuck in the mesh, you think he would learn.
JH. Cupar

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kind assistance in the ordering of my flat cat screens. They have arrived (very promptly! Thank you!) and i have successfully installed one in the bed room so far. I thought i would see the reception it received from my girl Tuppence first before doing the rest. Well, i really am so impressed with the product as she sniffed around a bit at first but has so far not clawed or shown a great deal of interest other than sitting by a now fully open window which makes all our lives a lot more comfortable!  I am so so happy that we can do this now without worrying about her it is fantastic and i will be following on putting the others up shortly. I am not sure how long it will be until i have to replace the velcro sticky as i seem to have quite a narrow window frame but i am more than happy if that is the only small issue i have. Thank you so much again and believe me i will be passing on your good name!
NP. Basildon

Just letting you know, everything arrived safe. Thanks very much for the quick turnaround. I, my cats and my overheating computer are very grateful!
KB. Warlingham

Hi Dominic. Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that the widow guards came today and I'm over the moon with them! And they couldn't have come at a better time with all this heat we've been getting recently. Thanks again for my wonderful purchase
NH. Gillingham

I just wanted to say how brilliant the flat cats are!  They fit perfectly and our cats are able to go and sit by the window smelling the fresh air without us freaking out that they are going to fall out!  They don’t seem to bothered by the mesh either and seem to know that they cant push up against it, they haven’t tried to pull at it or anything. Thanks so much, these are an absolute godsend in this hot weather and given that we are 18 floors up they are an absolute must!!
EM. London

Flat Cats satisfied customer from Amsterdam

Our custom Flat Cat screens arrived on Friday afternoon. – they’re very well made, a great fit, and work a treat!

Thank you so much for all your help with our slightly-out-of-the-ordinary custom request – we are very happy with the result and appreciate your very high level of customer service. Our cat likes the screen too - attached is a photo of him enjoying the fresh summer breeze (and the tantalising proximity of a plump woodpigeon :)
SM & MM. Amsterdam


All received, fitted and working like a charm. I will be ordering more!
AC. Buntingford

Thank you so much for such a great service. Your help in advising what sizes i would need was very much appreciated. The flat cats arrived super quick, were a perfect fit and were very easy to install. My very nervous, timid cat who doesnt want to go outside now enjoys sitting on the window sill feeling the breeze and watching the birds.  I also get the added  benefit of some fresh air in the house without being plagued by insects. The cat tried to "pat" a bird through the mess today and got her claw stuck, i have to report that the mesh stayed securely attached to the window and did not tear as she pulled herself free. So perfect all round, thank you
AJB. Farnham

Thank you for such honourable customer service. You will come highly reccomended to everyone that I know who will benefit from your fab invention
HM. Godalming

It's perfect! Thank you
CL. London

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of our two custom made Flat Cats.
I have just fitted them to our windows; they are a perfect fit and so easy to put up.
We have always adopted older special needs indoor cats who have never shown any interest in our large open windows. However our new addition Tilly - a 9 month old indoor cat has bundles of energy and curiosity so we are so grateful to have found your website offering the perfect solution.  We can now fling our windows open wide again and hope for some sunshine this summer. Many many thanks for all your help.
JM. Liverpool

I have just received my Flat cats today Saturday 07th July and they fit perfectly. I will be contacting you again sometime next month to order at least another two. Once again many thanks for your quick service. 
EH. Maidenhead

Just a brief note to advise you that the cover I bought from you is now fitted and my tenant is happy – job done
JR. Louth

The flat cats arrived this morning and they are now up at the windows, very easy to install. Can feel a lovely breeze coming through my lounge. The cat is still to investigate them, i,ll let you know how she gets on and i,ll write you a review for your website too.  Thank you so much for a very speedy delivery.
AB. Farnham

Hi Dominic, just to let you know I have received my order and it is perfect thank you ever so much for your help!
MC. Slough

The new Flat Cat fit the windows really well and our cat Sammy has not even seem to have noticed them, but we are enjoying lovely air flow through our bedroom windows with out the worry of the cat getting out on the window sill, Thanks again for such a great product and I hope your business does well.
RO. Godderstone

Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived safely and is now installed.  Beckford, my cat, is having a lovely time looking out of the open window and enjoying the breeze! Beckford had spent two years at a local cat rescue home (she had been dumped when she was six months old) and so I have been advised to keep her indoors but she loves looking out of the windows at the birds and other cats wandering past. Many thanks for producing a simple but effective system.
LH Colchester

Can I just say that I am really impressed and delighted by how friendly and jolly your messages are! I'm looking forward to receiving the product. From your emails, it seems like you take all your customers' orders seriously.
JB. Great Malvern

Flat Cats satisfied customer from Leicester

My dad put them up today... the cats are impressed
TW - Bath


Just wanted to let you know that the custom flat cat for my sliding door has arrived and it fits brilliantly. I am so impressed with the screens and have recommended them to my parents who will be placing an order soon. The cats don't even notice that it's there. It's great to have fresh air in our apartment again:)
DB. Southampton


I thought, as we were just buying our second set of flat- cats that I would let you know how good we find them. We have two Ragdoll cats, Barney and Callie and got the first set when they were kittens. All advice we had when getting the kittens was that Ragdolls should not go out, that they were too friendly and not savvy enough to cope with the outside world. We tried therefore initially to keep them in, but this proved impossible, and on one occasion a neighbour rang the bell to ask if we were aware they were on the roof of the porch ( this prompted our initial purchase!). We now try to let them out when we are home during the day, but when we are not they are kept in, so the flat-cats are useful in that we can have ventilation ( especially at night as they watch the moon from our bedroom windowsill) but they cannot escape! we can be sure that even though the window is open they cannot get out- and to be honest they soon learned that there was no way through they don't even think there is a route through now.

The flat-cats have been a bit clawed in the beginning, and as we are in the process of redecorating we decided to replace them with a new set, but feel the price is so reasonable a second set was not a major extravagance! The most complicated bit was finding your website again!
DM & SM. Aylesbury

Hi Dom, I just wanted to say that I genuinely couldn't be happier. Your customer service was second to none and the product is just perfect. It really has improved our home. I have recommended you to friends of mine and I'm sure they will b in touch very soon. Thanks again xxxxxx
LA. Maidstone

Many thanks for prompt delivery of Flat cats............have just put them up and am hoping for a  cooler nights sleep, without my cat attempting to leap onto the roof!
SW. Tenbury Wells

The Flat Cats arrived this morning and I've just finished fitting them. Installation was easy and I have to say I'm impressed so far, both with the product and the standards of service! The cats haven't seen them yet but if they react well I will place an order for another two within the next week
JBG. Bicester

we received and installed the cat screens a few weeks ago and we are very pleased with it. Your suggestion for the large custom screen works really well. Many thanks for the excellent service.
BP. London

Thank you.  Flat cats received and installed with no problems :). 
SO. Burnham on Crouch

Thank you for the Flat Cats, it is so great to open the windows and feel the breeze without having to close them within minutes, just in case. Our cats were a little confused and sat on the window sills looking at me for an explanation, I did of course give them a full and thorough explanation as to why it looked like they could get out, but actually couldn't, I am sure they understood!!

I will be making another order in a few weeks for my mother, she is very impressed
CF. Romford

It's a relief to find a product that is useful and easy to order!
SO, Burnham on Sea

Just in less than 10 min put up both cat flats. A great invention on your part. My partner and I are originally from NY and have been here now 11 years. One thing that has driven us crazy is having no screens. Granted England does not have th eproblems we had when we lived in Florida. But every summer on a nice day a circle of flys are in the room. While we bought these for our kittens we are getting in a  few weeks you really should also do more mention of how it keeps the bugs out. Thank you again and thanks also that you send extra adhesives that we can  use in two other rooms if need be. Will keep you in mind and pass on your site to friend of ours who would enjoy opening a window in the summer :)
JO, London

I recieved my flat cat and i am very pleased with it so il be ordering some more in a couple of weeks thankyou very much for your help
JM, Fareham

Wow i received the flat cats today..ive fitted one and im well happy with it, no more frustration.. i can now air and cool my flat without worrying. many thanks for fast delivery
LW, Bardsley

Flat Cats satisfied customer from Leicester

Just a quick email to say thank you very much for our flat cats. I brought them for my indoor kitten (please see the picture attached of my kitten enjoying the fresh air from her new flat cats) who has asthma so its not recommended that she goes outside.
We received them last week, which was very fast considering we needed custom made ones and they are very quick and easy to fit.
It is nice to know that my kitten is getting fresh air in the safety of her own home and lucky for us as we have just got them fitted in time for the oncoming warmer weather.
Many thanks :D
GH - Leicester


Rec'd the screen promptly and it is just fab!!  So totally what I was after - a really simple idea but just brilliant!!! I had a few people round at the weekend, and since we have had such lovely weather - ideal opportunity to have windows wide open! Everyone thought it was a totally fab idea, and product (especially because you cant really see it when the sun is shining - it just looks like the window is open!!) and are even thinking about getting some done for next year to keep flies out of their houses! It was just so what they wanted - from a 'flies out' perspective rather than a 'cats in' perspective which is where I was coming from
AD - Wymondham

I asked Brian to email you and let you know that flat cats arrived safely on Tuesday, and are all up and working well.  Thank you so much we are so pleased with them, especially me, cause I can now have my fresh air.  Mr Smudge not so pleased, because he can smell fresh air, but can’t get out.  He has tried, but has not been successful at it.  J (chuckle) (heeee heeee). One of the residents asked us where we got them as she was really interested because they would keep all the nunus out (insects) and mosquitoes. Once again a very big thank and very much appreciated for all your help.
LW - Camberley

Don’t know if you remember me, I ordered a flat cat after one of my cats was killed on the road in May having decided to keep my other 5 in at night.   I just wanted to say how really pleased I am with the flat cat.  At first one of the cats tried to claw at it to get out but I can honestly say it was only once or twice and probably more due to the fact that she was demonstrating her disapproval of not being allowed out at night anymore.  They do come up and sit next to it when I have the window open but that is merely enjoying the fresh air.  I will be putting in another order for 2 more next year when the weather warms up again and I want to keep the bedroom windows open at night for fresh air. I have referred you to a friend today so hopefully you should receive an order from her soon
KB - New Milton

I would just like to say thank you for my flat cats,  my cat fell out of our 1st floor flat, luckily he was ok apart from a broken tooth, I immediately went on line, found you company and ordered some screens. The arrived within 2 days, and I now have a cool flat and safe cats.
Thank you so much for the peace of mind I now have, and thank you from my cats.

LR - London


I recieved my flat cat screen last week and it has literally brought a breath of fresh air to our apartment.What a difference it makes being able to open the window fully without worrying that my 2 cats are in any danger of jumping out the window. The screen is fantastic and I will be recommending it to everyone i know
EL - Dublin



Dominic, you are a genius, I only wish I'd found you years ago. At last I have cool clean air circulating my bungalow, and my 2 best friends Tiggy and Peep (she's shy) are asleep on the windowsills loving the breeze, and I'm happy in the knowledge that they are safe and secure. Thanks a million, if you have any queries from people in my area, send them round !! Thanks also for the lightning speed of manufacture and delivery, I was very impressed.
SJ - Bangor

Hi Dominic, Just wanted to say I got the window guards through they are brilliant thank you so much! Given me much peace of mind.
Thank you again,

KB - London

Just to say that I have received my flat cats and I am very pleased with them. I have fresh air without fear of killing my cats! Wish I had found you earlier.
VS - Redbourn

Just wanted to say 'thank you' for getting the blinds to us so quickly. They arrived on Friday and fitted perfectly - your advice about using two smaller blinds rather than a single large one was very helpful and a repeat order will undoubtedly follow in the next couple of weeks !
TB - Sandhurst

Thankyou for your help regarding my flat cat purchase. After speaking on the phone you advised a standard flat cat for me rather than a custom one, saving my pennies!
Now my boyfriend is happy as he can sleep with the bedroom window open, but the cats aren't as they cant sneak out in the night. If the window was even slightly open they would head butt it until they could escape - the problem is, they can get in the garden, but cant get back up to the window! Thanks again for a fab product

EC - Morpeth

Just found your website.  Looks great.  Our baby cat (15 months old and born with no eyes therefore no sight) fell out the window for the second time yesterday.  He broke his back right leg in 4-5 places.  He had internal bleeding.  We thought he’d learnt his lesson after the 1st time . . .  and we were wrong . . .  or he just slipped . . .  anyway, now I’m really kicking myself that I didn’t search the net before to find your site.  I had in mind something like you’re describing exactly and was thinking along the lines of the kind of door guards that you get in places like the US to leave doors open and let air in, but at the same time keep bugs out . . .  and then your website pretty much matched my plan in my head.  Genius.

I shall carry out measurements tomorrow with my wife and we’ll get back to you pronto – not letting him try out any more of his 9 lives . . .  Bless him.  The cost of leaving this too late is looking to be around the £1k mark (we’re not insured) . . .  You might want to use our story as a testimony on your website in the future, along with some pix from us too.
MH - Bournemouth


I have already purchased one flatcat and it was a life saver. i now have an un-stuffy apartment and a safe kitty! i am now putting them on windows through out my home. thank you!
EJS - Dublin

Just to let you know that my flat cats arrived! They are brilliant, I have only put one up and had to rush back to work, so I will go and open the window for her this afternoon, she is going to love it :) It's much stronger than I thought it would be, there is no way she is going to get through that, no matter what! I think you should send out afew small pamphlets with your orders, so that people (like me) who live in flats can put them into the mailboxes of the other tenants who have cats. I would love to tell them about it, but I don't really know them, and I never see them, I just hear the cats in the evenings. So popping a pamphlet into the mailbox would be the best way :) Thanks for getting them to me so quickly, I'll be putting the largest one up this evening, so lets see what she thinks of all this fresh Summer air...

CJ - Liverpool

Just wanted to drop a line a say thank you for the flat cats. They fit perfectly, look good and are doing fantastic job so we are all enjoying the sunshine in the knowledge that Austin isn't going to endanger himself with an open window and the added bonus that no horrid bugs can get IN - is absolutely wonderful. I've told a friend at work who has been on your website too so will continue to spread the word about Flat Cats.
Many thanks

AL - Barnet

Just wanted to say many thanks for the screen.  Excellent service.  I can now have some fresh air with out the fear of my cat escaping
MK - Reading

My Flat Cat custom made order arrived today and I am really pleased with it – such a simple but great idea, now I can have my patio door open without worrying about the cats escaping - that is of course if it ever stops raining!
HW - Hoddesdon

Many apologies for the delay in reporting that our order of Flat Cats arrived very promptly and has proved to be invaluable in this warmer weather.  Our new little rescue cat 'Daisy' has fully investigated the new arrangement and it seems to meet with her approval !  The welcome addition of a fly free house is great.  Have a happy summer - with thanks
CL - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Flat-cat all up in the sunshine, thank you again. A friend saw it and very well may be ordering some also!
LB Westcliff-on-sea

Poppy enjoys Flat Cats

Poppy enjoys Flat Cats

Just wanted to say that I have received my flat cats (really quickly), just in the nick of time before we melted, how hot it has been! I had them up in a jiffy, and Molly and Poppy (my house cats) were immediately at the window sniffing the fresh air, chattering to the birds and generally enjoying themselves. They have been imovable from the windowsills all evening.

Although they have both being house cats from birth, with a previous owner, and I desperately want to keep them safe - you can probably see from the photos, that we live on a dual carriageway  - I do sometimes feel guilty that they don't get any fresh air. So, if you can invent a way to cat proof a garden........... Anyway - looking forward to the rest of the summer, no matter how brief, with some fresh air blowing through the place. Thank you
EB - Birmingham


I am writing to say a big 'Thank You' for your help and advice.  The three screens are (pardon the pun) Purrfect!  They only took minutes to install and fit so well.  I now have the confidence to allow the cats free roaming in the house.  My daughter is especially pleased as they also keep out insects, she would have had to keep her windows closed at night in the past.
I would also like to thank you for the speed of dispatch considering I ordered made to measure sizes. I am happy to recommend your product to any pet owner or anyone requiring top quality insect screens. It was a pleasure to purchase goods of top quality materials and service.

LP - Corby

Thank you so much for making and sending my Flat Cats so quickly. They're now in place and are absolutely BRILLIANT. Ralphie looks a little peeved at not being able to try and take death-leaps anymore, but she's getting used to them and I'm absolutely delighted to have some fresh air in the flat without needing to worry that she might go splat. I'm so glad I found you!
FBH - London

Would just like to say a big thank you for all your help with this.  It fitted perfectly
DJ - Redhill

hi, i have received my flat cats and i must say im very impressed they are very good and so far no escapees.The cats seem to understand that they cant get out if the screens are down.Thankyou fro all your help i have recommended you on the your cat forum.
AF - Stratford Upon Avon

Dear Dominic. The package has arrived safely. The fixing was as easy and even faster than you have mentioned on the website. The screens look really nice and  keep my cat from falling out of the open windows. And also I'd like to indicate their unexpected benefit: FLAT CATS PREVENT SPIDERS FROM COMING INSIDE ! Thank you so much for your effort and lovely service
AS London

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that the screens are up and working like a charm! Even at 5.5 kilos he can lean against them safely...thank so much!
AD London

I Just wanted to say thank you so much because they work great - and I have the worst non standard windows in the world (french strange size with inward pulling and shutters on the outside, and no sills) nightmare :D Anyways my two foster cats and I thank you and will order a some more when we move to a place with other bizzare windows - thanks again you should advertise more because i never heard of this until I went on some english forum (mind you can't even get mosquito grids in paris so this is brilliant!)
SO Paris France

I just want to thank you for your excellent service in dealing with this matter, it is very rare these days.I would certainly recommend your company and your product
JR Ferring

I am delighted to tell that the Flat Cat order arrived safely this lunch-time, and the sizing is spot-on ; I have yet to actually install them, as I have to make sure the chief “would-be escapee” is out of reach! Thank you again,
PR Bishop's Sutton

Dominic, I just wanted to say thank you - I am in my flat with the windows wide open and the cats love it!  I will be ordering more for a friend soon.
LP Reading

Hello Dominic - Just to let you know the flat cat is fitted and just wonderful! They are secure and very sturdy - Thank you for your patience and time with my order, you have a fantastic product and I shall recommend you to all with flat cats! Thank you from me and my lovely cat :) 
DP - London

Hi Dominic - Flat cats received yesterday! Thank you for taking on the challenge! You have done an amazing job and will be sure to recommend you to others! As you can see my cats are now safe! - (This was a special job involving inward opening balcony windows. Please note that this was created to order and please do call us if you require something similar to this. The wonderful pictures sent in by Matt & Amie can be seen here - Dominic)
M & A - Warwick

Hi - I'd just like to say thank you for a fantastic service and product, I will definitely be recommending you to all my cat friends! I will leave feedback on your website also, and let people know about your fab customer service. 
KT - Sutton in Ashfield

Just to let you know that I received all the flat-cats today and they are perfect! I was so impressed by the workmanship and the ease of use, as well as the prompt delivery. Thank you so much.
BAM, Wimbledon


Thank you, my order arrived couple of days ago and we managed to fit them over the weekend. It was all very easy and straightforward. Fantastic product, so simple but so effective. Will make such a difference to the safety and wellbeing of our house cat. Would definitely order these from you again and will be recommending to others. Also, great service and great packaging
LG Leigh (Lancashire)

Tabitha and Cleo Many thanks for the flat cats, delivered today.  Tabitha and Cleo have given it a good investigation and seem happy to sniff the air and leave it alone - bliss. Perhaps now they will see the cat flap as the only exit - many thanks
DC Wells, Somerset


I just wanted to contact you to say how brilliant Flat Cats is!  I recieved my custom order much faster than anticipated and attached it to the window this weekend.  It is so nice to finally be able to open the window and let fresh air into my flat.  My little Ragdoll has literally spent his weekend sat on the windowsill taking in the fresh air and listening to all the new sounds going on outside - by Saturday night he was exhausted!  I am definately going to place another order for my other windows.  Its a simple but brilliant solution to a very common problem for cat owners everywhere and I have already been recommending you to friends.
DS Bristol

Just dropping you a line to say the screens are perfect for the windows and they have the added bonus of keeping the flies out!  I've recommended them to a few people and sent your web site address to the cat rescue where I got my cat so maybe others can give them a try.
KP Lewisham


...they are perfect!!!! Im so pleased with them. They are very easy to fit and they seem to be quite strong too. So a very very happy customer!! I will probably purchase more for other rooms. I will let the members on Pet Forums know how fantastic they are and the service I received.
ZS Chatteris

Just wanted to say that we are very pleased with our Flat Cats. They were easy to fit and have put our minds at rest with our 2 new energetic, adopted cats. Many thanks!
MM Liversedge

I received my custom Flat Cats today and wanted to just let you know I think they are brilliant and have been really impressed with the service from the company.
AG Cirencester

My Flat Cats arrived this morning and I offer my grateful thanks for the swift processing of my order.  I am pleased to advise that all 3 Flat Cats have now been very easily secured in place, each one taking only a couple of minutes to install.  In addition, I am particularly impressed by the quality of the Flat Cats; they are a brilliant but simple concept that certainly solves the problem they were intended for.  With the lovely warm weather now, it is so good to be able to open the windows upstairs knowing that my 2 cats are safe.  My congratulations to you and the Flat Cats team for such an excellent product, which  I will certainly recommend to anyone else who might need them
AM Romford

Many, many thanks for the Flat Cats...they arrived this morning and I am delighted with them!  So easy to put up and at last I can just fling my windows wide open without the fear of my cat, Lucy, falling out.  I think that your company is excellent; extremely accommodating and professional and great customer service.  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends! I've attached a photograph of Lucy enjoying the fresh air (and birds!) from the window
CPR Bromley

Hope you are well. Just wanted to send you a quick email to express my satisfaction in the flat cats that we ordered from yourselves! We installed them in the flat on Saturday morning; each one literally took 2 minutes to do. My partner and I were very impressed with the build quality of the product, and the measurements were also spot on. The kitten doesn’t seem bothered about trying to climb the mesh and loves sitting behind it looking out of the window in the breeze.
SW Beccles

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the use of my specially sized flat cat near a year on. I love watching my cat Jamie as she sniffs the air and sits in the sun, and of course I love the fresh air flowing in my flat too!
A Brighton

At long last i can relax in my flat while it airs. Such a simple solution to keeping my loved ones safe. Please feel free to pass on my mobile if someone needs to call me for a reference. I myself have been passing your website onto other people. I hope you do well out of this business.
AJ Morden

Just wanted to say received flat cats this week. Thank you very much for all you help and very prompt service.
SS Flitwick

"Just to report that the flat cats have arrived and work wonderfully.  Thank you"
SI Harlesden

"At last I can stay cool in the summer - you must get this product in the shops!"
KB Cheshunt

"Fantastic! Rosie, my cat is now safe in our flat as I have window protection for her"
RS Twickenham

"Just to say a huge thank-you, what a great product"
TS Brighton

"Just wanted to say thanks for the quick response to my order and speedy delivery. I am very pleased with the item. Thanks also for the refund after I had purchased 2 without realising you did a special price. Would certainly recommend your product to other cat owners".
HB, Clacton

"Received order yesterday thanks , and the screens were perfect ! It is such a relief to be able to open windows upstairs without worrying about Smarty falling out, and he is loving sitting on the windowsill now with the fresh air and birdsong. Thanks again for your help, I have kept your contact details in my diary so I can recommend your product to anyone else who needs them".
KN - Plymouth

"Received my Flat-Cats today and all I can say is WOW!!!!! Thank you so much, they fit perfectly on all 3 and I can now open my windows especially with the nice weather. I have been extremely impressed with all contact and the speed in which ive received them, im spreading the word already for you. I wish you every success in the future and hope to see them in the shops very soon!! If you need any comments from me for your website or future publications I would be more than happy to oblige".
EM Ilkeston

"Just a note to say we love the Flat Cat – Sid sniffed the air a bit, then has totally ignored it!!"
KM - Hornchurch

"I received my order from you three days ago and installed them straight away. My cat, Simba, initially couldn't understand what had changed and tried to jump out the window, I have to tell you that I laughed quite a bit when she bounced off the netting.
I must congratulate you on a  great product. My girlfriend and I can finally have our windows open. You have opened Pandora's box for us. Because your product is so good we will be returning to you within the next two months for two more Flat Cats to cover our remaining windows. I have some other commitments to take care of first, but rest assured we WILL be back. Thank you for solving a huge problem for us. Keep up the good work !
NB Waltham Abbey

"Just to let you know I have installed the Flat Cat and it works a treat!"
HA London

"Thank you so much for your great product, we can finally open up the windows and breath fresh air with the confidence of knowing our cats are safe. Would also like to add i thank you for your promptness and personal touch, it has been a pleasure and i will recommend this to all of my cat owning friends"
SG Barnet

"We received our Flat Cat on Tuesday but only got a chance to put it up last night and just wanted to say, its fantastic! Fits perfectly and meant our house was cool last night while we were eating etc! Simba seemed a little confused by it all but he was very good so long may it last!"
SF Camberley

"These arrived today and are excellent – in fact I’ve just ordered a second pair for the back bedroom windows".
AB St Albans

"As per my phone call i have recieved my Flat Cat and i just thought i would send you a quick e-mail to say how pleased i am with them. They fit really well and look good .
Once again thank you"
PM Reading

"I have received the flat cat screens today, can’t wait to put them up at the windows. I would like to say a big thank you for all of your help"
MJ Reading

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