The story of Flat Cats

"I have owned cats for many years - Call me a worrier but I was always terrified about opening windows upstairs in case the cats walked out onto the window sill. I needed an effective way to keep the cats safe but allow me to open the windows and not to worry - so, I invented Flat Cats" - Dom Parker - Inventor of Flat Cats

Hello - Im Dom Parker, the inventor of Flat Cats. For many years I have worked from a home office and my Cats (Wilfred and Winnifred) simply insist on being in the same room as me, even though they have the entire house to run around in!

Getting hot and bothered in my home office -

When I lived in London I used a bedroom for my office and the room itself was south facing. In the summer the room would get very hot and, with my computers churning out even more heat I really needed to open the windows. Unfortunately my desk met exactly with the window sill and the cats just loved to lie flat out and sun themselves on the desk, while I worked. The problem was, if I opened the windows the cats were straight up and threatening to take a wander out onto the window ledge.

Ok, Im a bit paranoid about the safety of my cats -

I know cats have excellent balance but I was just terrified about them falling so rather than run the risk I only opened the windows a crack to try and let some air in and to keep the cats from getting out. Eventually hot and frustrated I decided that there must be another way.

Searching for the solution -

Over the next few months I tried a number of different things to achieve the result I needed. The problem I had was that no matter what I thought of, getting hold of the materials to make it was a real problem. I tried everything from plastic garden mesh (simply because it was available off the roll at the garden centre) to pvc coated wire mesh, again available from the garden centre. I managed to make some of these work but with UPVC windows the problem I kept coming back to was that in order to make any of these prototypes really effective I would have to drill holes in the window frames, and I really didn't want to do that.

3 years in the making -

It eventually took 3 years and many different prototypes to finally come up with Flat Cats. Even when I had settled on the materials to use I discovered that buying small quantities was nearly as hard as finding the materials in the first place. The first real Flat Cat cost me around £75 in materials alone and, as you would guess, I didnt have much use for all the surplus materials that I had been forced to purchase.

It dawned on me however that other people must have the same difficulty, or was it just me being paranoid about my cats? Searching through the internet I found that not only were there a lot of people with the same problem (cat safety vs an overheated house) but there did not seem to be an existing solution available.

In 2005 I spent a year living in a second floor flat. With its large south facing windows, boy was I glad that I had spent the money on building a Flat Cat. I managed to stay cool (or cooler than I was before) and the cats were very happy and safe. They actually seemed to take up residence at the window, getting all the smells from outside and toasting themselves in the sun at the same time.

Various different uses -

I still work from home but now use a Flat Cat in my office all the time.

A friend with cats told me that she would like to use one on her kitchen window - downstairs! ... why?... It turns out that she owned a very old cat who stayed indoors for his own safety and the owner didn't want him going outside but did want to open the kitchen window for fresh air... ideal solution, and no need to drill any holes in the windows.

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Flat Cats enable you to open your windows and, just as important, mean you can stop worrying about the cats safety. They really worked well for me and I hope that they do the same for you - Best wishes -

Dom Parker
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